• No, your archived iPhone emails haven’t been mistakenly deleted and you don’t have to explain to your boss why you missed that essential communication from another industry or firm.
  • The poor management of this content by Apple can confuse users, but it is possible to access the Mail Archive folder in an instant, if we know how

We are not going to come here to comment on the importance of emails. We are sure that you already know her. Above all, if you have spent hours and hours looking for that email that you thought you had but it does not appear. Having said that, Knowing how to find archived emails on iPhone can solve any complicated situation at work or on a personal level. easilyso let’s see how to do it in few steps.

As we said, the article focuses especially on users of iOS devices, especially iPhone, because at first glance it would seem that all the emails that we have archived in its original mail app have disappeared. And that’s because iOS doesn’t have, by default, an Archive folder dedicated to these emails.

The good news is that you have absolutely nothing to worry about because iOS is indeed storing those emails in an Archive, just like you asked it to do, you just don’t see it.

Unfortunately, Apple is not as clear as it should be about this, and that leads to many users ending up thinking your emails are lost when in reality they are just a few clicks away.

So how to recover archived emails on iOS?

The key to this procedure is that the iOS Mail app automatically transfer messages archived to the All Mail folder of your email account. So you must resort to it to find them.

  • Open the Mail app on your iPhone by tapping on the icon on your screen
  • Navigate to the Inboxes screen, and look for a message from this account
  • Once you’ve found it, tap on the account name in the Accounts section
  • Click now on the All emails folder, to see all the messages exchanged with that account
  • Select the archived message you want to recover, the Folder icon, and then the folder to drop it to. You can select the Inbox, for example, to always have it at hand

And ready. ANDarchived message that seemed to disappear forever is available again in your Inboxlike any other that you have received lately, and that you want to review for something.

In any case, these problems are what explain why Gmail on iOS is one of the applications developed by Google that is most often adopted by iPhone users, who are dissatisfied with Correos.

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