From time to time it is essential that we load gasoline in our vehicles. The best way to Finding cheaper and nearby gas stations is with Waze; a very useful app

Find cheaper gas stations nearby with Waze

Find nearby and cheap gas station.

The first thing we will have to do is download Waze from the Play Store by following this link or by opening the app and performing the search. Once downloaded, we proceed to open it and click on Where? We select the gas station icon, which would be the middle one.

Search result.

Next, we will see the map with the locations of the service stations, the distance between it and us, along with the prices and the last time it was updated. We can click on a specific list to know the prices of each fuel and when it was updated.

How to customize settings in Waze

Find cheaper and nearby gas stations with Waze.

A very important advantage that Waze has is that we can customize it, so we are going to open the application, once it is open we are going to click on My Waze and then click on the Settings icon that is shaped like a gear and is located at the top left.

Adjust preferences.

Here we are going to choose Gas Stations in Driving Preferences. In this section we can configure the preferred type of fuel and the brand; we can also order the stations by distance, price or brand.

How Waze works

Waze offers us real-time traffic updates, route guidance, road obstructions, closures, traffic controls and much more information. Everything so that we can get to the nearest service station in the shortest time possible. It is an app that has more than 140 million users.

Also, depending on where we lived, the app might not update as often as in other areas. The price of gasoline can be old, so we will have to take this information as a kind of guide and not as something certain, at least in some cases.

However, it is still an extremely useful application that allows us to find a nearby gas station, even allowing us to evaluate which stations have the lowest prices constantly. We can also see their opening hours and what kind of extra services they have, something very important when we are traveling or in a city that we do not know.

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