We carry our mobile devices with us all the time. What would we do without them? The problem is that our devices can store too much information about us. Even if we want to find the record from locations on iPhone or iPad we can do it easily. If we have not changed anything in the privacy settings then it is very likely that we have a history of locations with a lot of information, which we can see in detail.

Where to find location history on iPhone or iPad

Guide to find location history on iPhone

The first thing we will have to do is find the location history on iPhone or iPad. For this we will have to open the “Settings” application and then we will have to click on “Privacy”.

Location services.

From this section, we are going to go to where it says “Location Services”.

System services.

Next, we will have to scroll down until we find the option “System Services”.

Important locations.

In this new screen, we will have to select “Important locations”.

Important locations.

Here we go to the “History” section which compiles all the places depending on how often we have visited them.

Here we can find the location history on an iPhone and also on an iPad.

In case you want to delete the history, we will simply have to scroll down and click on “Delete history”.

Details of all locations.

When we click on any of the “collections” of locations in the “History” section we will be able to see a map of all locations where we were.

We can select one of the places to see more detailed information. We can even see the time and date we visit that place.

How to find location history on Google Maps

In the case of Apple, it saves a limited amount of location history data, it does not allow us to navigate in such a detailed way through these. However, Google is different and with its Maps app we will not only have a timeline that will allow us to see everything in detail, but it also saves much more information.

Therefore, if we use the Google Maps app on iOS, we can use the timeline function to be able to find the location history.

However, what Google Maps can track of our location, it will totally depend on the privacy settings. We can choose that Google only tracks our location when we are using the app or that it always does it in the background. This can be changed from Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Google Maps.

Another thing we can do is, directly, disable the Location History function from the Google account Settings option.

At this point, the most advisable thing would be to go directly to a computer, since it will be much easier to see all the locations where we have been. We can see highlighted places (where we were) and move comfortably to see detailed information.

Timeline of locations.

Once on the computer, in the upper left corner we can see the timeline. From here we can see any date to view all the detailed data of where we have been.

Details of the locations where we were.

We will find information such as the time I visit a certain place, if it is a business we can see the information in detail, even if we take photographs, we will also see related photos.

Manage locations.

In case we don’t want Google Maps to store where we’ve been, then we can disable the feature entirely. For this we will have to go to the page of Maps timeline and we can see the location history section at the bottom. Here we will see “Location history is active”. So we are going to click on “Manage location history”.

Disable iPhone location history

Now we will have to click on the switch found in “Location history” to be able to deactivate the tracking of our location.

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