Thanks to Google Maps too easy find our Current location and guide us when we must reach a place we do not know. It is even quite easy to search for directions, because we can see in real time which way we are taking or follow the directions of the app to reach our destination.

Find my current location on Google Maps from mobile devices

Your location on Maps.

Whether we use iPhone, iPad or Android, it is very simple to use Google Maps to know our current location. The app is responsible for using the location of the device along with other types of data to identify our location on a map.

Current location in real time.

So we are going to launch the Google Maps app and on the right side, we will press the “Your location” option. This will show us the location we are in. In case the application asks for permissions to access the location of the device, we will have to grant them, otherwise the app will not work.

Direction in which we are looking.

We will see a blue dot on the screen that indicates where we are. The shadow we see around it is the direction we are currently looking at.

If we want Maps to move when we change direction, we will press on the “Your location” icon again. In this way, every time we move, the icon on the screen will also move.

See my current location from a PC

Find my current and exact location on Google Maps from a PC.

The first thing we will have to do is log in to the Google Maps website from our favorite web browser. Next, it is very likely that it will ask us for certain permissions, which we will have to grant it in order for it to work properly.

Current location of Google Maps.

When we do it on the map we will see a blue dot that indicates the current location. We can even change the home address on Google Maps.

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Improve location accuracy in Maps

Calibrate Google Maps.

On some occasions Maps may not show the location accurately, in these cases it is best to calibrate it so that it can identify where we are exactly. To achieve this, we are going to start the app on our mobile device and then click on “Your location” followed by the blue dot that represents us on the map. In the “Your location” menu we will find an option that says “Calibrate”, we will have to press here.

Finish Google Maps calibration.

The app will ask us to lean and move the device. We will have to do this until the “Compass Accuracy” value improves from the current “Low”. After this, we will have to close the tool by clicking on “Done”.

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