It’s possible know who viewed my twitter profile? The answer is no, there is no way to know who has interacted with our profile and tweets. In fact, the only way to find information about profile engagement is thanks to Twitter Analiticys.

Is it possible to know who viewed my profile on Twitter?

It is not possible to know who is visiting our Twitter profile, regardless of the applications that promise to give us the answer, they are all false. Unlike LinkedIn, which gives us the option to see who clicks on our profile; Twitter does not offer any similar option, the only way to know exactly who saw our tweets is if they interact with them.

Although we can’t know who visits our profile de Twitter, we still have several types of interactions that we can see. For example; see who likes, comments and reposts the tweets. We can also see who follows us or mentions us in another publication, etc.

Who can see our profile depends on our account settings. If our profile is configured as “Public”; then all Twitter users will be able to see our content. Additionally, they can also interact with it.

On the other hand, if we decide to configure the profile as “Private”, only our followers will have access to it. If we want to improve our privacy, then we will have to do the following.

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How to set up a private Twitter account

Sign in to Twitter.

The first thing we have to do is go to Twitter and sign in.


Next, we are going to head over to the “More” tab found on the left sidebar.

How to know who can see Twitter profile

Here we are going to select “Settings and privacy”.

Privacy & Security

From this section, we go to “Privacy and security”.

Audience and labeling

In “Your Twitter activity”, we will have to choose “Audience and tagging”.

protect my tweets

Here we will have to check the box “Protect your Tweets” that is on the right side.

Who can view my profile on Twitter

A pop-up window opens and we will have to click on “Protect”.

At this point, Twitter will ask us to log in again. From now on, only our followers will be able to see and interact with our tweets. We must bear in mind that some of the information in our profile will always be public. For example, everyone will be able to see our bio, profile picture, website, and location, if we choose to provide it. If we do not want certain people to see us, the only option is to block them from the social network.

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