The vast majority of music streaming services publish a kind of yearly roundup fully customized for their users. This kind of summary allows its users to review what they have heard throughout the year. And this year we have a surprise because we can find a kind of completely redesigned summary of Apple Music. We will be able to see our favorite artists and listen to them without problems. So, we will see how to find our Apple Music Replay for this 2022.

Here, too, certain data will be taken into consideration after moving playlist from Spotify to Apple Music.

Apple Music Replay 2022: find my favorite artists, songs and more

One difference that exists with streaming applications such as Spotify is that Apple Music does not offer the playback function within the same app. Instead of this, we will have to verify it in the web browser. Luckily, we can do it from any computer or mobile device.

Find Apple Music Replay on a computer

In case we want to check the annual statistics of Apple Music for 2022 from a computer, we will have to follow these steps:

The first thing we will do is enter the website from Apple Music Replay.

Apple Music Replay.

In case we had not logged in, we will have to do it with our Apple ID credentials. After this, we will click on Start. Here we’ll be able to click Play Your Highlight Reel so we can see a pretty quick overview of our Apple Music stats.

All the songs we listen to on Apple Music.

In case we want more information and detail, we can scroll down to see more complete statistics. Here we will find information such as the total minutes we have listened to, the songs we have played, albums and more.

On mobile devices


In the case of mobile devices it is something similar. We are going to have to start using our preferred browser and entering the Web from Apple Music Replay. Once here, we will log in with our Apple ID and click on Start.

How to find Apple Music Replay on mobile devices.

Again, if we hit Play My Highlight Reel, we’re going to see a quick overview of our Apple Music stats.

Apple Music Replay playback history.

We will also be able to scroll down to see a more detailed Apple Music where we can see a lot of information about everything we have heard this year 2022.

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From the same Apple Music Replay website, we can see things like the top 10 most played songs during the year, we can even share the playlist with our friends. In turn, we will find many other interesting functions.

Why can’t I see my Apple Music Replay?

In case the Apple Music Replay page does not appear, then it means that we have not played a lot of music during this year. The service is used as a playback history to collect all the songs we have listened to for the entire year. Which means that it requires a large amount of data to be able to show results. If we have not played too much content during the year, on the Replay website itself we will find a kind of progress bar that will indicate how much more music we need to listen to to see results.

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