It is not uncommon to find the annoying error CAA2000B in word, Excel and on many occasions also Outlook, even in other Microsoft Office apps. Luckily finding the solution to this problem is not too complicated and we will analyze it below.

When the CAA2000B error appears, we will generally see a message that says something similar to the following:

Something went wrong

We were unable to register your device and add your account to Windows. Your access to organizational resources may be limited.”

We can also find a message similar to the following:

Something went wrong

We couldn’t log in. If this error persists, please contact your system administrator and provide error code CAA2000B”.

The code is most likely generated when the system administrator disabled a specific Office application. Although on some occasions it may be other factors, even having the wrong date and time configured, it can cause this problem, due to having an outdated application, a damaged profile, etc. Whatever the case, we will have to apply any of the following solutions until we can solve the problem.

Fix CAA2000B error in Word, Excel and Office

Verify that the date and time are correct

Date and Time.

We start with the simplest thing, which would be to verify that the date and time are correct. Especially if we have this option set to manual, ideally it should be set to automatic to avoid problems, we will do it as follows.

  • We press Windows + i to access Settings.
  • Next, in the left sidebar we will go to Time and language.
  • We scroll until we find the Date and time option.
  • Here we will have to activate the switches Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.

Clear app cache´to solve error CAA2000B

Clear application cache.

Another thing that we can try and that usually works is to clear the Microsoft Office cache. This is something that works in most cases with many applications, both on computers and mobile devices. We are already very clear about the headaches that a corrupt cache can cause.

The first thing we will do is open the Run box by pressing Windows + R. Next, we will type the following and press Enter: %localappdata%MicrosoftOutlook

When we have the location open, we will have to double click on the RoamCache folder to open it. After this we will select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A and press the Delete button to delete them. Alternatively, we can right-click on one of these and choose the Delete option.

Generate a new profile in Outlook

In case this problem occurs in Microsoft Outlook, we can also create a new profile to avoid using the corrupted one.

  • We start by opening Control Panel using Windows Search.
  • Next, we click on Mail.
  • Click the Show Profiles button in the Mail Settings dialog box.
  • In the next message, we will have to press Add and after we will assign a profile name, we click OK.
  • Now we are going to add the email address, password and click Next > Apply to create a new profile.

To finish, we will open Outlook again and log in with the profile we have recently created, the problem should be a thing of the past.

Turn off the use of cached exchange mode in Outlook

Disable Cached Exchange Mode

The first thing we will do is open the Outlook app and we will go to the File menu from the upper left bar. Next, we will click on Account Settings and choose the Exchange or Microsoft 365 account.

After this we will press the Change button and uncheck the option Use cached exchange mode found in the Offline Settings section.

After doing this, the only thing left to do is to restart the app and check if the error still occurs.

Update Office

An application that is not updated is constantly exposed to different types of errors. So if the Office app that we are using is outdated, then it would be quite common to face this kind of problem.

To update it, we will open the Office app and go to the File menu. After this, we will click on Account and then press the Update now button, which is located in the Office Updates section.

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