There are many users who have not been able to delete various files from their computers. Every time they try, they receive the same error 0x80043103, no error description available It can be fixed?

What Causes Error 0x80043103?

This error appears when we cannot delete a file. This is usually a technical issue and should be resolved by simply restarting your computer. However, we can also encounter this error due to some registry related issue. Obviously, there are other reasons and solutions that we can apply.

Fix error 0x80043103, no error description available

Reboot and try again

The first thing we will have to try, since it is one of the easiest solutions, is to simply reboot the system and try to delete the files or folders again. On many occasions this helps to get rid of the problem. So after reboot we will look for the same file and try to delete it again.

Delete the clean boot file or safe mode

There is also the possibility that a third-party application conflicts with Windows services and does not allow us to delete a file. If this is the case, it would be best to perform a clean boot or start Windows in safe mode and we can remove it without problems.

In case we manage to delete the file this way and we want to find out what is causing the problem, we will have to manually enable the services to check which app is the culprit. Once we find the application that is causing the problem, we are going to disable it or remove it from the system.

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Move the file to another location

Another thing we can do is move the file to a new location, then we’ll try to delete it. It may not be a definitive solution, but it is a good alternative if we want to delete those files. The reason this might work is that perhaps the Windows user lacks permissions to be able to delete files in the specific location; it is normal for this to happen in some system folders.

Temporarily disable firewall

The firewall is additional protection that can sometimes prevent us from deleting some files. If this is the case, we will simply disable it temporarily to delete those files. In case of having a third-party antivirus that includes its own firewall, we will have to do it from the same antivirus. However, if we use Windows Defender, we will do it by following these steps:

  • We open Control Panel.
  • We go to Security and system> Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Here we are going to press deactivate Windows Defender Firewall for the public and private network settings.

After disabling it, we’re going to have to try deleting the files. Once we do, we’re going to have to activate it again. We do not recommend keeping it disabled for too long for any reason.

Disable search service

Disable search service

The Windows Search service can make things quite complicated when it comes to deleting files, it is possible that it will overlap with this process. On many occasions, when we stop the service, we will have no problem deleting the files.

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It is not too complicated either and we can start the Windows search service again without problems. All we have to do is open Services from the start menu and look for Windows Search, right click and choose Properties; now, we will look for Disable in the start option and click on Stop. After doing this, we will restart the computer and check if we can delete the file.

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