We are trying to play our favorite game as usual and suddenly we find ourselves with a problem.How we can sort out the code from error 429 from Minecraft Realms on PC? We are going to tell you a little below.

Why am I getting the 429 Minecraft Reals error?

The 429 error code does not include any kind of message, so we don’t have much idea what it is about as soon as it appears. What it means is “Request limit reached”, which is a server problem. This occurs when many requests are sent to the Minecraft server which, according to its security policy, is considered a DDoS attack. It is possible that some error on our part is causing this problem of sending such a large number of requests.

How to fix error code 429 Minecraft Reals PC

Change network

If this problem appears more often than we would like, then it is very likely that it is our network that is on a kind of blacklist. If this is the case, the only thing left to do is change the network. We can test with the WiFi of a friend or neighbor, create a mobile access point from the phone. In case we do not have access to these options, what we can do is use a free VPN, although it could affect our internet speed. Although generally if we choose the server well, it should not affect the ping in the game.

Wait a while

Keep in mind that this error is caused by trying to connect too often. So a logical solution is to just wait a bit; even wait a couple of hours and then try again.

Stop Automatic Java Updates

If we have automatic updates enabled, our system may constantly send requests so we can verify them. This can just cause the problem, so let’s disable them to confirm.

  • We press “Start” we write “Control Panel” and we give “Enter”.
  • Next, we are going to click on “Programs”.
  • Then we open “Java”.
  • We go to the “Updates” tab and uncheck “Automatically check for updates”.
  • We can see a Java Update warning pop-up window, we will have to choose an option, any of them will work.

Clear Minecraft cache

We will try to clear the Minecraft cache, as in any program or application, a cache full of files can cause too many problems. This is recommended to do every so often. So we open “Run” with Windows + R and write% AppData%

Now we will delete the Minecraft folder and restart the computer.

Reinstall Minecraft

As a last option we can simply uninstall it and reinstall it.

  • We open Configuration with Windows + i.
  • Then we click on “Applications”.
  • Next, we search for Minecraft.
  • In Windows 11 we click on the three dots and then select Uninstall.
  • In Windows 10 we select the game and click Uninstall.

Now we delete the Minecraft folder as we mentioned above, we download it again and install it again.

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