When your graphics card is getting a lot of use but performance is poor, you need to investigate the problem and resolve it. High GPU usage can be caused by many things, from heavy graphics load to a virus.

When there is high GPU usage, the performance of other tasks on your computer may suffer. Luckily, you can use the tools included in Windows 11 to detect the problem and fix it so that your computer system works properly.

If you are experiencing the issue, here is how to fix high GPU usage in Windows 11.

Investigate high GPU usage in Task Manager

The first thing you have to check is what is using the GPU and CPU, as one affects the other. The good news is that you can find this information in the Task Manager.

To find GPU usage via Task Manager:

  1. Open Task Manager on your Windows 11 system.

  1. Select the tab processes, look under the GPU column and click it to tidy up GPU-intensive processes.
  2. If something is using a ridiculous amount of your GPU, like 70-100%, right-click and select Finish homework.

Relaunch the offending application or process and check if the GPU usage is still high.

Restart your PC

A simple system reboot can fix many of the problems you are experiencing. And there might be a buggy app or conflicting apps causing the high GPU usage. So restarting your PC allows you to start over and resolve the issue.

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Save your work, close all apps, and restart Windows 11. When you come back, check if the high GPU usage issue still occurs.

Check for Windows updates

The Windows operating system may require an update to fix a bug that causes high GPU usage. So, make sure to update Windows 11 to get the latest bug fixes, security, and feature updates.

Windows 11 updates in the background, but sometimes there are out-of-band updates that can fix the GPU usage issue. The fix for high GPU usage may be waiting on Microsoft servers for you to install on your PC.

To check for updates, open Settings > Windows Update and click the button Search for updates. Remember that a system restart may be required for the updates to be implemented correctly.

Search for malware

High GPU usage can be caused by malicious code. A known issue is the installation of a rogue application that uses the GPU in the background to mine cryptography. You can use the built-in Windows Security app in Windows 11 to scan for viruses and other types of malware.

If Windows Security doesn’t find anything or you want a second opinion, try a third-party security app like AVG Antivirus or Avast.

To root out malware, make sure you download trustworthy apps from the Microsoft Store or other software from trusted sites.

Collect graphics card data

Various ways to check your graphics card in Windows 11 include Task Manager, Settings, Device Manager, or your GPU manufacturer’s software. Once you check that information, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on how to fix high GPU usage in Windows 11.

For example, you may need to manually update your GPU drivers to fix the high GPU usage issue. You can do this from Device Manager or use your graphics card software. Also, if you know more about your GPU, you can search forums or Reddit for other solutions that people have used.

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Update graphics card driver

As noted above, it may be necessary to update your graphics card driver to fix high GPU usage in Windows 11. The GPU manufacturer releases driver updates regularly, and getting the latest driver may fix the issues. high usage issues. Run your GPU manufacturer’s software and check for the latest available update.

Manually check for driver updates

You can also manually find the latest driver through the Device administratorOpen the Device administrator from the menu Beginning and expand the section Display adapters.

Right-click on the graphics card and select update driver. Follow the onscreen instructions as Windows searches for the latest driver.

You can also manually install the driver using the wizard. This is the best option if you download the GPU drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Reinstall graphics card drivers

Another thing you can try is to uninstall and reinstall your graphics card to fix high GPU usage.

To reinstall your graphics card drivers:

  1. Press the windows keyscribe devmgr and select Device administrator in the top result.

  1. Expand the section Display adaptersright-click your graphics card and click uninstall device.

  1. When the verification message appears, check the option to uninstall the driver and click the button uninstall.

  1. The screen will flicker once or twice and the user interface will look strange as Windows uses a generic driver.
  2. Restart your PC and Windows will reinstall the graphics card with the latest driver.

Troubleshooting in Windows 11

If you’re experiencing high GPU usage issue in Windows 11, use one or more of the above options to troubleshoot the issue. It is important to note that another possible solution for high usage is to reset the GPU.

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