It is not at all strange that we have to face different errors while using a computer. But we cannot deny that the update error 0x8024001B on Windows it can become too annoying.

It is essential to keep our system and its applications updated mainly for security reasons. However, when an error does not allow us to update the apps or, as in this case, the operating system. We must urgently take care of solving the problem and a little further down, we will show you the methods that we can apply to find the solution.

Remember that if by any chance Windows doesn’t work after updating, we already have a detailed guide so you can skip this annoying inconvenience.

Solution to update error 0x8024001B in Windows

Restart your computer

In too many occasions, restarting the computer is the most effective and simple solution to solve a large number of errors. So this is what we will do first, because it is very simple. We will restart the computer and check if the error appears again.

Run troubleshooter

There is a specific troubleshooter for Windows update, which will help us to solve the error 0x8024001B.

In Windows 11 we are going to go to Settings, then to System and click on Troubleshoot. Next, we go to Other troubleshooters and click Run.

If we are using Windows 10 we will have to enter Settings and go to Update and security> Troubleshoot> Additional troubleshooters. To finish, we will choose Windows Update and click on Run the troubleshooter.

Reset Windows Update Agent to defaults

Another option would be to run Microsoft’s Windows Update Agent Reset Tool. It is responsible for resetting and repairing all components and registry keys related to Windows Update; detects corruptions, replaces damaged and corrupted files, resets Winsock settings, etc.

Repair system files

We will have to click on “Start” and then we are going to write “CMD”, in the right panel we will choose “Run as administrator” to be able to open the command prompt.

Next, we will have to type the following: sfc /scannow and press Enter. In case this command does not work, we will have to try this: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Then we restart the computer and check if the problem persists. We should now be able to install any update without the 0x8024001B error.

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