• Have you tried to redeem a code, buy or download something on your Xbox but can’t get it? Solving Xbox error code 80153048 is easier than it seems with certain tricks
  • Server failures, an unstable Internet connection or a lack of system updates are usually the cause of this error message, so each thing will have to be reviewed in detail

As we already know, it is possible that our video game machines suffer some other inconvenience when using them. In general, it is not anything serious, but there are too many recurrent errors or failures. Among them, Xbox error code 80153048 refers to a fairly common problem on the Microsoft console, but it can be fixed as long as we know how to do it, what are the key tricks that will allow us to get rid of this obstacle.

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that this error code usually appears when, as users, we try to redeem a code, make a purchase or download something, preventing us from doing it. The good news is that with some cursory knowledge, we’re going to be able to get through it in a few minutes.

Having said that, As both the causes and the explanations of the reason for these problems are varied, it is convenient to cross them out one by oneprecisely in the order in which we are going to show them to you next.

Tricks to remove error code 80153048 from Xbox

Check the server status

The Xbox platform has its own servers and depends on them working properly to be active. So, you have to start by checking the status of those servers since, if for some reason or reason they do not work, then we will not be able to redeem codes, buy or download anything, but just wait.

error code 80153048 xbox 2

You just have to enter Xbox Support from this link, and check the conditions of the servers. While they are idle, you better find some other occupation, because your console will be almost useless.

Check your internet connection

Assuming that the Xbox servers are not the cause of the problem, we will have to think about your WiFi network next. Checking how intense and stable it is shouldn’t take more than a second, because you can check it directly from a browser or from your mobile, loading a YouTube video or other content.

When you notice that your home internet speed is too slow, resetting your router may be exactly what you need, so follow the steps in the link to learn how to do it.

Perform the Xbox Live connection test

The basic thing is that the Xbox servers and your local connection work and it seems that way, so the next trick is to perform the xbox live connection test, to see if both things sync well.

  • On your Xbox, go to the Settings section
  • Go to System, Network Settings
  • Select your network, and tap Xbox Live Connection Test

Confirm that the test results are positive. If negative, repeat the previous tutorials.

Check your billing information

Your Microsoft account billing information may be out of date, which prevents the code you want to redeem from actually running. You can quickly find out if there is something wrong with this data, like this:

  • Enter your Microsoft account from this link, and sign in if it is not already signed in
  • Go to the Payment and Billing section, Payment Options
  • Write your security key
  • Verify that the payment options that appear are correct
  • If any of the payment options are outdated or missing, please update or add them
  • Repeat the above procedure in Payment and billing, Address options

If necessary, once you have analyzed all the information, restart your console and enter the code again.

Update the firmware of your console

There are many occasions when any inconvenience related to a PlayStation or Xbox ends when its firmware is updated, so we advise you to keep an eye on keeping it to the latest version.

error code 80153048 xbox 3
  • On your Xbox, go to the Settings section
  • Go to System, Updates and downloads
  • Download all available updates

Once the updates have been downloaded and installed, see if the issue is resolved.

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