Especially as a result of the arrival of the pandemic, Zoom achieved fame. It is now considered the industry standard for video calls. This guide will provide you with a list of solutions that will allow you to fix the problem and resume video calling. Let’s get started right away.

How to Fix Zoom Headset Issues in Windows 11

Check the audio settings in Zoom

Opens Zoom.

Press the gear icon to open the Setting.

select Audio.

Click on the drop down arrow and choose your headset and microphone.

Make sure Zoom is not muted by your PC

Click with the the right button of the mouse on the sound icon on the taskbar.

select Open volume mixer.

Select your volume level for Zoom meetings.

Make sure the correct device is selected

connect to your meeting on Zoom.

Press the arrow up next to the microphone icon.

Make sure headphones are selected.

Reinstall zoom

I searched Control Panel in the Windows search bar and select Open.

select Uninstall a program. Make sure that your See for is set to Category.

Find Zoom and tap uninstall.

Access the Zoom official website Y download the app

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