Some time ago, we were analyzing how to forget a WiFi network on Android, a more common problem than it seems but which is quite easy to solve. However, things are not the same on all Android phones, and this forces us to make some distinctions. For example, if you have problems to get rid of the connections saved in a Galaxy, we will teach you all the details about how to forget WiFi networks on a Samsung.

Basically, this is a tutorial that becomes important over time and when we are more exposed to third-party networks, which accumulate in the memory of the computer until it is impossible to manage them. Even that memory is finite, so the point will come where you are forced to eliminate some.

As we explained above, the following trick makes sense especially for the owners of phones of the South Korean brand, who number in the millions around the planet, and who will want to know how to erase forever those networks that they no longer use. It does not matter if it is a high-end or low-end, if it is Samsung it will work for you.

How to forget a WiFi network on your Samsung Galaxy?

Unlike what we have to do in other terminals that run the Android operating system, this time pay special attention to the Settings icon, following these steps:

On the main screen of your Samsung Galaxy, scroll down and press the Settings icon

  • Select Connections at the top of Settings
  • Press on the WiFi section or section
  • Go to «Advanced»
  • Enter the network administration center
  • There you will see all the networks you have connected to
  • Select each of the networks you want to delete, and click on “Forget”

As is clear, forgetting WiFi networks on a Samsung Galaxy is a routine procedure, which you can perform whenever necessary, deleting networks one by one, or taking the time to delete several at once.

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