In Microsoft Excel we can obtain the exchange rates of different currencies, ideal to keep our financial data, especially if the rates are part of these. It is possible to get the time of the last operation, the maximum and minimum, the percentage of changes and several other things simply by entering the ISO currency codes. We can even keep you updated.

Enter currency pairs

To get currency exchange rates in Excel, we will need to enter a currency pair using ISO codes like: From Currency / To Currency. In case we prefer it, it is possible to use a colon instead of a forward slash. Although Excel will automatically convert it to a forward slash when we apply the data type.

Get currency exchange rates

In order to get the exchange rate from US dollars to euros, we would have to enter USD/EUR; for Australian dollars to US dollars we will use AUD/USD and so on.

After adding the pairs we want to use, we’ll apply the data type and select the details to display.

Apply the currency data type in Excel

Apply data.

We will have to choose the cell where we enter the currencies. Then, we go to the Data tab at the top, near the center, and we will have to choose “Currencies” in the four of Data types.


We can see that our cell updates to show the data types icon to the left of the entered text. Which indicates that we have applied the type of Coins. In case we do not see the icon, it means that the ISO codes are wrong, so we will have to verify it.

Choose exchange data

We will have to choose the currency cell, leave it selected and click on the Insert data icon that will appear on the right. We can see a list of information that can be added to the sheet.

Insert data.

By default, the data we select appears in the cell to the right of the one containing the currencies. As we add more details, they appear on the right.

Currency results.

One thing to keep in mind is that the coin price information may be delayed. Which means that we do not recommend using this data for commercial or advisory purposes.

How to update the data

Get currency exchange rates in Microsoft Excel

We can keep the data updated as necessary. For this we are going to go to the Data tab and click on Update all in the Queries and connections section.

For a specific item, we’ll need to select it and use the Update All dropdown arrow, then choose Update.

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