To get genuine art in Animal Crossing New Horizons, one of the best Nintendo Switch games, we will have to find Redd and buy him a work of art. Taking into account that Red visits the island from time to time, we will have to acquire one at a time. We must know where to find it, negotiate a fair price and donate the work to the Museum.

As for the works of art that we will find in the game, they are copies of paintings, sculptures and other works that we will find in real life. So, as you might imagine, it’s a great value overall.

Find Redd to get art in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Redd is an art dealer, not part of the game at first. Although as of the 1.2 ACNH update that was released in April 2020. In order to acquire art and start a gallery we will have to buy artwork from Redd. Considering that he travels a lot and appears occasionally, finding him is not an easy task.

Although one thing to consider is that Redd will visit our island on specific days to sell art. So, during these days, the ideal would be that we don’t let it go. We must also consider that it is possible to buy one work of art at a time; this means that if we lose it, we will have to wait two weeks for it to come back.

The first thing we will have to take into account is to listen to Isabell, our secretary. Isabelle will describe Redd as a suspicious character.

Another thing we must do is consult the map. This is thanks to the fact that it is prepared to appear in a random place on the island; there is no designated place and time for your arrival.

Isabelle may not notify us of her arrival, so we will have to check the map to see if the ship appears on the north coast. We will be able to find Redd among sellers like him, like Reif.

How to buy a piece of art in Animal Crossing

When we find Redd he will introduce himself, but remember he’s a vendor so he wants to quickly get to the competition. The first work of art will be sold for 4980 bells, here we will not be able to negotiate so we have no choice.

Something that we must consider is that Redd is not our friend, nor is he an enemy, and yes, most of the works of art he sells are fake. We must not trust him.

Donate Art to the ACNH Museum

That we were able to acquire art does not mean that we are collectors, then we will have to donate it to the Museum. Redd’s arrival means that other players will do the same, buy art pieces. Therefore, we must donate ours, but the Museum has to expand its size.

How to detect fakes?

Obviously, when we walk into the store we see many interesting and brilliant things, many that we love and it would be easy to be tempted to buy any of these without thinking twice. The problem is that many works can be false.

But the first thing will be to search for the original version of the specific art. In this way, we will be able to compare the version of Redd with the original verified version that someone bought, although it is somewhat complicated.

In case we are too detailed, we will quickly notice the difference in some aspects, such as eye color, clothing, hairstyles, etc.

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