Although, the new version of the operating system was very well received by most Microsoft users. There are still some people who need get help in Windows 11 in order to use the system as quickly as possible. We must keep in mind that many things have changed and perhaps not all of us can keep up.

Microsoft thought of these people and offers help to users who feel a bit lost with Windows 11 and all the possibilities it offers. In this article, we will see how to get help in case we need it.

Get help in Windows 11

Use the Native Get Help app

The easiest and fastest way to get help in Windows 11 is to use the Get Help app that is dedicated all-inclusively for this purpose. If we press the F1 key, the Microsoft Edge browser will open and provide us with help related to the operating system. But to get support in Windows 11, we will have to follow the following steps:

The first thing we will do is press the Windows key and type Help. We will see that the Get Help or Get Help application will appear, press Enter to open it.

Once we are in the get help window, we can search for our problem or explore the different related topics. The search will allow us to see answers from the Microsoft Community, if we find the possible solution to our problem, we will have to follow the recommended steps.

In case we want to contact Windows 11 support by chat, email or a call. We will have to click on Contact support at the bottom.

After this, we will have to choose Windows in the Products and services drop-down menu, select a category for our problem and click Confirm.

On the next page, you’ll see the option to chat with Windows 11 support. If you’re a Microsoft 365 subscriber and signed in with the same account on your Windows PC, you’ll be able to speak with a support agent during the call.

Using the Windows 11 Get Started app

Microsoft included an app called Get Started for those coming from Windows 10 who are having trouble getting to grips with the new interface. This app will guide us through all the elements that have changed and will teach us how to interact with them.

We will press the Windows key and type Introduction in the search bar and press Enter.

As soon as the application opens, we will have to click on Start and we will see all the new functions that Windows 11 offers us. We will even see how we can use them.

We also recommend enabling tips so you can get tips on how to generally use the operating system. For this we are going to enter Settings by pressing Windows + i, from here we are going to go to System and then to Notifications.

We’ll need to scroll down and check the box next to Get hints and tips when using Windows.

Use the search bar to get help

Windows search has been significantly improved in this new version. Getting local and web results, thanks to Bing. If we write the problem we are having in the Windows search bar, we will get a direct link to a page that will offer us the solution.

We press the Windows key and we will write our question, doubt or query. Let’s pretend we want to add a printer, so we press Windows and type Add Printer. In the section of searching the web, we will have to click on open results in the browser just on the right side.

This will open Bing in Microsoft Edge and offer us a simple solution to our problem, with a quick link to the Settings page. This is just an example, it can be applied to many situations.

Another option is to enter this link and get help for some of the most common Windows problems.

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