• Getting games on Oculus Quest is essential to enjoy your virtual reality experience
  • There are two ways to get them, both from the Oculus Quest store and from the Steam store
  • What are the steps to follow in each one and how to start playing with the new titles?

If this is your first time with the Oculus Quest, or Meta Quest 2, as they are now called, it is very likely that you want to have access to more video games, some new titles to pass the time. Knowing how to get more games on your Oculus Quest is key to really enjoying this unique experience with virtual reality glasses. And, precisely for this reason, in this article we want to emphasize the different ways that there are to achieve them.

After all, these gadgets come with several free demos, but that might not be enough to satisfy the most demanding gamers, and if that’s the case for you and you’re still not completely satisfied, you’ll find options to download new games from the main alternatives that exist for it.

Before going into the details, let’s remember that pre-installed free games share some characteristics, such as that they tend to be simple because the developers intend that this first contact that customers have with virtual reality is not complex, at least until they get used to it.

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The sensations in general are much more investing than those of a console or a PC with a screen or monitor, so it might take some time to adjust to the dynamicsand free demos are for that.

How to get more games on Oculus Quest step by step?

From the Oculus Quest Store

The Oculus Quest store is ideal for gamers who prefer to save their games to the device itself. Remember that many games are available both here and on Steam by its user community. It will depend on which one is your favourite, but not necessarily that they are in one rule out the other.

But Oculus exclusives can only be downloaded from the official store of the gadget.

  • Turn on your Quest 2
  • Go to the universal menu by pressing the Oculus button
  • Find the Oculus Quest Store
  • Find the game you want
  • Download the game from there
  • Wait for it to install
  • launch the game

As you can see, it is an extremely easy process, similar to that of the consoles and that does not take more than a minute. As long as you have the Meta Quest app installed on your mobile, you can also download games on it.

Some considerations about Oculus Quest Store

You should know that sometimes games don’t download or install right away but they require extra time to appear, situation in which we recommend you review Not installed in the library.

That being said, when you go to download games from the Oculus Quest Store, we advise you to do it on mobile. You’ll need to enter your payment information each time you download a title, and it’s convenient to do it directly from a computer that can remember your card details and avoid entering them every time.

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For the rest, many of these games even have free demos, to give you an idea of ​​what they are about. It’s barely a fraction of what the whole game assumes, but should reach you to know if you are interested or not.

Finally, since these titles have been specially developed for Quest 2, everything is optimized to excel in those environments, offering graphics and answers that are up to what we would expect. Our tests have been successful, especially with the shooting titles, which will surely win you over.

From the Steam store

As we had already anticipated, the next source of virtual reality games is none other than an old acquaintance. We are talking about Steam, obviously, where you will find several games, both free and paid.

What changes is that We are not going to install these games on the gadget but on our PCWhich isn’t bad news because some of the titles are extremely demanding, and a computer might hold its own better than VR goggles could, so don’t worry about that “extra” step.

Once installed, you will be able to sync with Meta Quest 2 via USB Type C cable or via Oculus Air Link. We suggest the first of the solutions if your Internet connection is not very stable or not very fast.

  • Launch Steam after installing and go to the store
  • Type the name of a Steam VR game in the search field
  • Found the game, click on it to add it to the cart and then click on the cart
  • Purchase the game from the cart, completing the game checkout process
  • The game is yours, and you can download and install it in seconds
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Of course, this last tutorial is only useful if your computer meets the minimum requirements of the game.

Have you downloaded more games on Oculus Quest? Which ones do you like the most?

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