I think that all of us, to some extent, are not really comfortable sharing our exact location with different companies. At the end of the day, we don’t know what the application will be used for; Only for the use of the app? It is best to be cautious, especially in an age where privacy is essential and we must learn to take care of our own on the internet. That is why when it comes to where we live or what places we frequent, it is better to give permits from Location approximate at apps from Android 12.

Grant approximate location permissions to Android 12 apps

To do this, we are going to have to download an application from the Play Store, it can be any that requires the use of the location.

Set approximate location in Android applications.
  • After downloading and installing the application, we will proceed to open it and it will ask us to grant access to the location.
  • We will have to press on the circle labeled “Approximate”. After this we will have to press the option that says “While using the application”.
  • In case an application requires your precise location, then we will see a notification where it will tell you that it is necessary to use the precise location.
  • Then we are going to have to keep to the approximate location, change to the precise location just for that one time, or stay with the approximate one.

Most applications will use the approximate location, although it is possible to change it later as we can see a little below.

How to give access to the approximate location of already installed applications

Disable precise location in Android 12.
  • For this we will have to go to “Settings”.
  • Now we are going to have to press “Location”.
  • Next, we click on the application to which we want to change the location settings.
  • We will have to move the switch next to “Use precise location”.

And that would be absolutely it. In this way the application will give an approximate location of us (of a few hundred meters). However, it is enough for, for example: a weather app to tell us how the weather will be in our city; but not close enough to know specifically where we live.

Privacy is becoming extremely important in an age where information is so critical to business; and that it can be used for many purposes. That is why this kind of important personal data, such as the location where we are, is something that we must take care of 100%.

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