• United Sets is an indispensable software to group tabs as windows in Windows 11
  • By gathering them, you will not have to be moving from one to another in an unfriendly environment
  • What are the steps to follow with this option, and how is the performance of its beta?

Beyond the alternatives that Microsoft tries to offer us for this, there are too many users who assure that they are fed up with the accumulation of programs at the bottom of their screen, a nuisance with no definitive solution. But luckily we have some interesting tricks that we can execute in just one minute. we will learn how to group windows as tabs in Windows 11 to forget the problem.

The idea is to dispense with the tools of Windows 11 and focus on a specific application made for this. It is about United Sets and allows us to group several windows as tabs in Windowsa very useful and open source software that was released a few months ago, and which is a essential to study or work.

Group windows as tabs in Windows 11 step by step

If you’ve come this far, you will want to know how to group windows as tabs in Windows 11 Step by Step. We are going to show you all the details below, and then tell you a little about how our first approach to this software has been, what positive and negative conclusions we can draw from these weeks with it.

  • Download and install United Sets from the Microsoft Store on your PC, or via this link
  • Once downloaded, installed and opened, install the required official .NET framework if prompted
  • Installed the .NET Framework, open United Sets and configure all aspects of its use
  • United Sets should be ready to use, so click on the + icon, top right
  • From that moment you can group the windows as tabs, selecting them and pressing the Tab key
  • The window will automatically move to United Sets as a tab. You can see the result in the image
group windows windows 11 4

Later, you have to follow the same steps to add new programs to United Sets as tabs. As is clear, from this practice it is possible to access several programs in the same window, without leaving. Evidently that has to increase user productivityby no longer being forced to move.

And how to remove a tab from a window?

To get rid of a tab inside a window, just click on it and drag it out of United Sets, which will make look like a normal window again, disassociated from this software. You can even drag the tabs to the left or right if you want to organize them differently.

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As if that were not enough, It also supports the ability to open tabs in File Explorer. You can open numerous programs in File Explorer, this being a single tab in United Sets.

First impressions of United Sets

As United Sets is currently in beta, you will notice that it has some errors, nothing strange. That being said, it generally works as expected, and in that case the experience is really good. We appreciate being able to group windows into tabs in a very intuitive way, not complicated at all.

Thanks to this software, you will no longer have to juggle to move between the windows, and you can add the programs little by little to United Sets so they don’t bother you just by pressing the Tab key.

In our tests, it is true that a couple of times United Sets froze and the process had to be stopped. Other than that, we didn’t have any other major issues, and it works well with almost any program. we would say it is a promising software, especially in the futurebut which also fulfills in the present.

If you don’t feel entirely comfortable with United Sets because of these small bugs we’ve mentioned, we can still recommend that you give it another try in a while, because most of them will undoubtedly be fixed.

How have you been with United Sets? Do you recommend its use to other people?

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