When we have too many apps on iOS, the home screen can be a real mess and it becomes difficult to find the one that we really want to use. For this reason, it is convenient hide apps from home screen on iPhoneespecially those that we use from time to time that we can access from the application library.

Hide apps from home screen on iPhone

Hide a single app on the home screen

hide apps
  • We will have to press the application until a menu appears. Here we are going to see several options depending on the characteristics of the app. For example, if we click on Microsoft Team, we can make a call or start a chat. Although we will always find the option to delete the application, which we will press.
  • Next, we will have the option to remove it from the device (uninstall it) or we can remove it from the home screen. We are going to have to choose the last option, we can continue accessing the app from the application library.
  • In case the application is not in the Application Library, after pressing Delete application, it will give us the option to move it to the App Library.

Hide an apps page

Hide page on home screen

Another thing we can do is hide an entire page of apps and remove the same in one fell swoop. Even, it is quite simple to restore it.

  • We press and hold an empty part of the home screen until the applications shake.
  • We press the points that are at the bottom of the screen.
  • We will be able to see small versions of all the screens (leaving aside the application library). Right at the bottom of each screen we will see a check mark, we will have to uncheck any screen that we want to hide and press Done.
  • In case we want to show any of the screens, we will have to follow the instructions and instead of hiding, we will mark to see them.

Using folders to organize apps

Organize apps by folders

Another thing we can do to organize ourselves better is to gather similar applications in folders.

  • We will have to press and hold an application on the home screen until the icons shake.
  • We will move an application inside other apps that we want to be in the same folder.
  • Automatically, a kind of folder will be created that will contain the applications that we are dragging to it.
  • iOS will assign a name to the folder depending on what we have put in it. Likewise, it is possible to change the name by long pressing the folder and choosing Rename.

In case we want to remove an app from a folder, we just have to open the folder and hold the app until it moves, then we move it out of the folder to another space. In case of deleting all the apps in the folder, the folder is also deleted.

In case we want to delete the folder directly. We will have to leave this pressed and click on the Delete folder option.

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