• The CTR, as the rate or percentage of clicks is known, is one of the essential indicators to understand how much the customers who visit your website trust your products or services.
  • To improve the performance of the CTR, it is essential to pay attention to the positioning of our page, to the Google SERPs, which have an absolute influence on the percentage of clicks
  • The keywords and the loading speed of your portal are two of the elements to consider

The process by which a user becomes a customer of your store goes through several different instances. One of the most important is CTR, also known as clickthrough rate or page click rate. Improving organic CTR is essential for the success of your e-commerceso we recommend you keep reading to learn some tricks to optimize these statistics, and sell more than ever.

In other words, the click rate is the number of times your call to action or CTA is clicked, according to the number of visits the site receives, a percentage that will determine the success of your business. .

A good CTR is one of the main indicators that we can look at if we are trying to increase our profits, and also a metric that we can trust to see if our marketing efforts are paying off.

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CTR and its relationship with Google SERPs

In this sense, one of the most effective and advisable strategies to improve your organic CTR is to secure a good position in the Google SERPs, a topic that we have addressed countless times before.

If you are wondering how a higher position in the Google SERPs is related to an increase in your CTR, you should keep in mind that positioning yourself among the first search results will change the rules of the game.

The most recent reports indicate that the pages that are in the first page of Google results, manage to take about 30% of all the clicks made, and even more if you are among the first five results. When you occupy that privileged position, you will be taking 2 out of every 3 clicks made by customers.

The point is that to position yourself among the first results you will have to carry out a very precise marketing campaign, suitable for your interests, and based on some of the suggestions that we will develop now.

improve organic CTR 2

Tricks for one that explodes your organic CTR

Use long tail keywords

Trying to use long-tail keywords as your content marketing strategy is very wise advice. We talk about those keyword phrases that bring together three or more keywords, and are more specific. We could say that they aim, more accurately, at a generally smaller amount of public.

The good news is that while we’re targeting fewer people, we’re more likely to get their attention. Also, something you should know is that most internet searches are three or more words.

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When people see that the post in the search result matches their search intent, they are more likely to click on it because they will believe that the post contains the information they are looking for.

Use rich snippets

Rich snippets are nothing more than additional data that one page can provide relative to another. But These data, which might not seem so relevant to us, can influence the choice between two sites.

Rich snippets speak of someone’s dedication to your project, and the user likes that.

Take advantage of “social proof”

Another issue to consider when it comes to improving organic CTR is the user’s journey until they reach your portal. This path usually includes a lot of research, because hardly anyone spends money without finding out first.

This “social proof”, as it is called in the jargon, can be very useful for those who are in charge of a website. We can use the opinions left by the competition, searches for specific products and services within social networks and forums, or any other information that is floating around.

From another point of view, you must strengthen the opinions of your products or services on the Internet because, if they are negative, the chances of someone trusting you will go down more than you imagine, and they will take time to recover.

Increase the speed of your website

Last but not least, you have to pay close attention to the loading speed of your website. You can drive away hundreds of users daily if they notice that it takes too long to load its contents.

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The records show that users hate slow sites, and that we can consider within this group any page that takes more than three seconds to load 100%, something that its managers sometimes forget.

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