• Installing Android 14 on your Pixel will let you know the new features of this update
  • What are the ways to update your device and what will you find when you do?

As usual, the next version of Android will be presented and released during the third quarter of this year. There are many users who are waiting for the news that Google could present with it. Precisely for this reason, if you are one of these people and you want discover what’s new in the next generation of Android, in this article we review how to install the Android 14 Preview on your Pixel phone easily.

Of course, the first thing we have to clarify is that the smartphones developed by La Gran G are ideal for those individuals who want to have first access to all tests from Android developers.

Starting from that base, the following are the Pixel family devices that will update to Android 14:

  • Pixel 4a 5G
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 5a
  • Pixel 6
  • Pixel 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • pixel 7
  • Pixel 7 Pro

As you can see, although Google is still not up to Apple in terms of the minimum years of updates for its equipment, those of Mountain View have been doing a more than interesting job in this regard.

Install Android 14 on your Pixel phone with the Android Flash Tool

As it is not an Android beta, you cannot opt ​​for the OTA updates, which are the most common. Apparently the first beta will arrive in april and, at that very moment, we will update the information.

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As we said then, what we must do is use the official Google tool, Android Flash Tool. First you have to download the specific factory image for your model pixels from this link. In addition, you have to download the driver or controller that is available in this link.

With this official Google platform, the process to install Android 14 on your Pixel phone will be very easy. Just select the package in question and connect the mobile to your PC for the system to take care of everything.

Install Android 14 on your Pixel phone manually

If you have more knowledge you can download the system image and manually install it on your Pixel. We recommend this alternative to those who want to have a higher level of control about your devices. Probably, if you are not an expert or developer, you better leave it for specialists.

Before you start, we advise you to make a backup copy of all the data you have stored. Remember that that data will be lost in the process, and that you will need to unlock the bootloader.

The good news is that You will be able to go back to a previous version of Android with Android Flash Tool.

To manually fastboot flash Android 14 DP, just follow these steps:

  • Download the file from the official Google website, at this link
  • Activate the developer options on your smartphone, if they were not activated
  • Connect the mobile to your PC and a command console through fastboot mode
  • On your PC, open the file that you previously downloaded on the Google website
  • Execute the command with extension flash.all
install android 14 pixel 2

The file with extension flash.all, will “flash” all the files of the Android 14 ROM on your device. As soon as it is over, you need to unplug it and restart it to enjoy the latest generation of Android.

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What will you find in Android 14 Developer Preview?

It is evident that the available versions of Android 14 do not yet have even a small percentage of what they will have. That being said, it is already possible to find some interesting news, which could well be worth. To activate any of them, you will have to do it from the hidden flags of the system. Do not forget.

Android 14 will encourage you to lend the device, with a function in Settings, System, Multiple users. Those more wary of privacy, in Settings, About phone, you can hide the IMEI and EID. Finally, the battery screen has been redesigned and now you have more and clearer information.

Have you been able to install Android 14 on your Pixel phone? What do you like most about this version?

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