To invest the Colour of one image in a pc With Windows it is quite simple. Basically, it is about making the negative of an image; In this sense, we have many options to be able to carry out the task. You can use Microsoft Paint or free software, including online tools.

Invert the color of an image in Windows with Paint

Microsoft Paint is a software that has more options than it seems and is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. It has an option so that we can invert the color of any image.

Invert color of an image with Paint on Windows PC.
  • We open Microsoft Paint.
  • Next, we go to File > Open or simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O to open the image that we want to turn negative.
  • Then we press Ctrl + A to be able to select the entire image.
  • To finish, we right click on the image and choose “Invert Color”.

Using color filters in Windows 11/11

We can also use color filters, which are designed for colorblind people. Color filters can be enabled and disabled in Settings. We can use the function to invert the color of an image.

Windows 11

Invert Windows 11 colors.
  • We click on start and go to Settings.
  • Here we go to Accessibility > Color Filters.
  • We activate the color filters and choose Inverted. This will invert all the colors on our computer.
  • We open the image and press the button to take a screenshot “Prt Sc” or “Impr Screen” (It will depend on your keyboard, but it is always on the right side of it)
  • We deactivate the filters, start Paint and press “Ctrl + V”.

Windows 10

Invert Windows 10 colors.
  • Press “Windows + X” and choose Settings.
  • We will click on Ease of access.
  • We select Color Filters on the left side.
  • We activate the color filters and choose Inverted.
  • Next, we open the image to invert the color and take the screenshot with the key “Prt Sc” or “Print Screen” (depends on your keyboard) this will copy the image.
  • We open any editing program, including Paint and press “Ctrl + V” to paste it.
  • We crop the image and save it as any file.

Invert image color with free software

Using Paint.NET

Can use Paint.NET which has a lot of cool features aside from inverting the colors of an image. This software is free and has a huge variety of effects of all kinds.

  • Once the program is downloaded and installed, we proceed to open it.
  • We press the Ctrl + O keys to open the image we want.
  • We go to Settings > Invert colors or press “Ctrl + Shift + i” to invert the color of the image.
  • Now we click on File> Save as to be able to save the negative image in the format we want.

Something that we must consider is that Paint.NET is available for free from the official website. However, if we download it from the Windows store, we will have to make a payment to use it.

Using free online tools

Invert color image PC with free software.

For this we are going to use a free online tool called pixelatedwhich will allow us to invert the color of an image on a PC with Windows, Linux or Mac. Once we enter the website we will have to upload our image.

Automatically, Pixelied will open the image editing tool where we will be able to make a large number of modifications of all kinds; It has many interesting options in terms of photo and image editing.

To invert the color of an image, we’re going to click on the Filters tab and then choose Invert. The negative of the image in question will be created and we can download it in different formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, etc.

Pixelied’s free plan is limited to basic editing functions, it only allows us 3 downloads per month, 1 GB of storage, etc. Therefore, if you need to edit many photos or images, it may not be the best alternative.

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