we might need keep laptop on with lid closed With Windows 11, this can be extremely useful on many occasions. Perhaps we are using a video editing program and rendering the same; we have to go out for a while and we don’t want to leave the lid open (it is more exposed to dust, for example) the problem is that, by default, if we close the lid, the laptop goes to sleep. This is something we can customize.

Keep my laptop on with the lid closed


The first thing we will have to do is open Settings in Windows. For this we are going to press the Windows + i keys on the keyboard. Alternatively, we can right-click the start button and select Settings.

Change what closing the lid does on a laptop.

Once we are in the Configuration section, we will have to click on the search bar that is in the left sidebar and we will write “lid”, then we click on the first result that would be Change what closes the lid does.

Now a System Configuration window opens. That would be part of the Control Panel that is inherited from previous versions of the OS. Under Settings the lid and the power and sleep buttons. We are going to see several options that will allow us to decide what we want to happen when we press the power or sleep buttons.

Do nothing.

A little further down, we will see When I close the lid. For example, if we want the computer to stay awake when it’s not plugged in, we choose Do nothing in the On Battery column. Instead, if we want the same thing when plugged in, then we choose Do nothing in the Plugged in column.

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What we need to consider is if we let the notebook stay on with the lid closed while it is on battery only. Then it is very possible that it ends up running out without us realizing it, so be careful with this point.

Once we finish configuring everything, we are going to have to click on Save changes that is a little further down. The changes will apply to all power plans; once we’re ready, we’ll close the System Configuration and Settings windows.

We can test it, depending on the configuration with a video. We leave a video playing and proceed to close the lid, if the video remains playing, it is because it worked.

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