Currently, e-mails are widely used to keep us connected, many things that cannot be sent through messaging applications or social networks, are handled via mail. However, it also exposes us to different dangers and for this reason it is essential know if an email has a virus How? We’ll show you a bit more below.

How to identify a malicious email that has a virus

If we don’t feel safe with the emails we receive and are worried about detecting those that are malicious and contain malware, these tips will be very helpful.

Verify sender address

Every time we receive an email, regardless of whether it is from someone we know or not. The most important thing is to verify the address; It is not too complicated to replicate an email address, especially if we are talking about free emails like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo. Let’s pretend that a friend’s address is, in this case a bad actor could very easily create a similar email like jose8777, j0se877, jose887, etc.

We must be very careful, especially if it is an acquaintance, we generally do not pay enough attention to the sender’s address. Many people even “verify” it too quickly without paying attention to the details.

Check the CCs and BCCs

Spammers send mass emails to people. If we have doubts, we will have to review the CC and BCC, here we can verify if the mail is sent only to us or to a group. It is one more indication that we must consider.

Email format

Spam emails are often formatted in an unprofessional way; although we cannot deny that others have a lot of work behind them to look professional and build trust. It is important to pay attention to the content, especially if it has links. We must never click on these links, unless we have requested the email.

Let’s pretend that we forgot the password of a social network and we need to recover the TikTok password. Obviously, when we receive the email we are going to click on that link because we know that, at that precise moment, we have requested it.

However, if we receive a similar email out of the blue, without requesting it. We must avoid clicking on any link that has the same.

language and spelling

Word choice and spelling is critical. Spammers are not so careful in these cases; companies take care of their image, even in their emails. So it is a factor to take into account.

Attached files

Unless it is an email that we were waiting for, that we have requested, we should never open attached files; less if it is executables. Through an email it is possible to infect our computer with malware. So we must be very careful in this regard.

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