• The main messaging applications allow us to block users so that they do not speak to us
  • Discord is no exception, and because you can block others, others can block you too.
  • How to find out if someone has blocked you on Discord? What are the important clues?

If you have been using this service since the pandemic You probably know that, like many messaging apps, Discord allows you to block other users.. But how do you know if you’ve been blocked on Discord? This is the question that many of the clients of the gaming chat platform ask themselves when they eventually think that someone has blocked them because they do not intend to have more contact with them in the future.

Usually, these suspicions start when you notice that some users are invisible to you or you don’t have access to them to talk or otherwise interacteven when in the past they had interacted.

The good news is that finding out if you’re blocked on Discord is a fairly simple task, and there are several effective ways to find out that won’t take more than a few minutes, collecting clues that might indicate that a certain user doesn’t want to have contact with you. Read on to reveal if someone has blocked you or not.

Am I blocked on Discord? How to find out?

Although as we said there are various ways to find out if they have blocked you, unfortunately there is little you can do about it. You must understand that the person in question does not want to talk to you by this means. Try communicating through some other common network, or assume that at the moment you have no interest in interacting.

Send him a private message

The most direct way to make sure someone has you blocked on Discord is to send them a direct message. As long as that message is impossible to send, or you can’t even see the contact, stay suspicious. Meanwhile, if you can send him the message normally, that means he hasn’t blocked you.

Another detail that could anticipate a block is that, when someone blocks you, when you try to see the chat history with that person, the Discord bot, Clyde, will appear, telling you that there is an error and you can’t see the chat.

know locked discord clyde

Other factors to consider

Clyde won’t openly tell you that you’re blocked, per Discord policies which we’ll talk about later. But if you’ve been talking to someone and you can’t talk anymore, the chances of a block are high.

Clyde will cite other reasons why you might be prevented from sending messages to that person, so you can be guided by them to rule out the possible reasons one by one, until you reach a final conclusion.

How do you know if someone has blocked you on Discord without sending them a message?

Another method to find out if someone has blocked you, without sending a message, is to send a friend request.

  • Go to the Start menu in Discord and go to the Friends section
  • Click on Add friend and write the username
  • Once their name is displayed, click Send Friend Request
  • If the account has you blocked, sending a friend request will not be processed
know locked discord friendship

On the other hand, if you share a server with that person, you can try your luck by reacting to a message from him. If you are blocked by it, that reaction will never occur., so there you have another hint of a crash. As you can see, it’s all a matter of signals, like asking yourself “did someone block me on WhatsApp?”

Other frequently asked questions

What can I do if someone blocks me?

Frankly, there’s nothing you can do about it other than give it a try by creating a new Discord account. Remember that your current account can’t communicate with that user, so there’s no more to do about it.

Another viable option is to ask for help from an acquaintance of bothto intercede and remove the blockade.

What happens when you block someone on Discord?

When you block someone on Discord, you no longer see their messages. You may occasionally see “1 message blocked” if you both still share a server, but no more. That’s a stark reminder that you blocked the person.

If you’re curious, you can choose to reveal what the message says. Otherwise, you can continue browsing.

Why doesn’t Discord tell me if I’m blocked?

Discord employs a specific policy regarding blocking other users, and it is designed so that no one can be shocked when another blocks them, a justification they give for why. They don’t notify you of blockages right away..

In other words, unless you do what you can to find out about the block, you’re not going to find out.

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