As we use Gmail, we become familiar with the different functions and features that the service offers us. One of these functions that will help us keep everything organized are the labels and precisely in this article we want to talk about them in detail. On how and why It is a good idea label the outgoing emails of gmail.

Labels are very useful, they even help us find archived emails, maintain order in conversations and the most interesting thing is that the responses sent to these emails will also be tagged. Obviously, if on any occasion one of these answers does not please us, remember that it is possible to block the received messages.

How and why you should label outgoing emails in Gmail

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of simply labeling outgoing emails in Gmail.

You should tag outgoing emails because they are easier to find

Of course, we always have the possibility to check the Sent folder to be able to find an email that we just sent. The problem comes when there are too many and we cannot deny that tagging them will allow us to filter them in case we need to find them quickly.

It is optimized for searches

Search by tags.

If we have many emails in this label, we will have an easier way to find sent messages. We can use different functions of the Gmail search bar to be able to quickly locate the mail based on the label.

Tag all answers

Label outgoing emails

As a label for an outgoing email, all replies to that email will have the same label. In this way we will be able to hold conversations in a simple way while we apply a label to achieve the previous benefits. Additionally, we can see the unread responses in the tags folder.

How to label outgoing emails from Gmail

It is possible to apply a label to the email that we are writing or have written. We must make sure not to forget the label and try to do it from the first moment.

How to label an email.

We will select the three points that are in the lower corner to see More options. We will move the cursor to Label and choose the name of the label in the pop-up box. We’ll need to make sure to select Apply at the bottom of the window for the changes to be saved.

If we forget to apply a tag before hitting the submit button or just want to do it after we’ve submitted it, it’s pretty easy.

Label outgoing messages.

We go to the Sent folder, select the email in question and click on the Labels icon found in the toolbar. Here we are going to choose the label we want to use and select Apply. We’ll still see the tag for replies, even if we add it after we send the initial email.

As we can see, Gmail labels are really useful to be able to keep our messages organized and find them more quickly.

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