Microsoft’s office suite allows us to perform a wide variety of tasks efficiently and easily. Make a checklist in word It is one of those tasks that we will have to carry out on many occasions.

Create or make a checklist in Microsoft Word

We can make two kinds of checklists in Word, depending on what we need. The first allows us to print and check items in a list of empty boxes, while the second has a list of boxes that can be checked in the application while doing our tasks.

Create a fillable checklist

  • The first thing we will have to do is enable the Developer tab or mode in the top menu.
  • We go to File and then we will choose Options> Customize ribbon, we will have to mark the Developer or Programmer option and we will click OK to apply the changes.
  • Once we have the Developer or Programmer tab, we are going to have to go to it and look for “Content control for section repetition” and choose the “Checkbox (form control)” icon.
  • We can also go to the File tab and click New.
  • We will enter the text Forms in the four of Search online templates and press Enter when the result appears.
  • We can find a wide variety of templates that we can choose from the results. The ideal is to browse through the proposals and choose the one that suits us.

Make printable checklist

If we want to create a checklist that we can print, there are different ways to do it. Although here we are going to see the easiest way to do it.

  • We create a new Word document.
  • Let’s go to the first line where we will add a list of elements.
  • Next, we go to the “Home” tab and choose the dropdown list for bullets.
  • We will choose the empty circle under the Bullet Library section.
  • The circle will appear, where we will have to write the first list of elements.
  • We’ll hit Enter when we’re done, and we’ll have to type the list of items into the next empty circle.

Modify symbols for the list

In case we need a symbol that stands out in the checklist other than the X that comes by default, we will follow these steps:

We go to the developers tab, which we enabled earlier and we will click on Properties. Next, we will need to navigate and select Content Control Properties.

We will click on Change next to the Marked symbol option and we will choose the symbol that we want from the options, to finish, we will click on “Accept” and the changes will be applied immediately.

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