• Although Slack does not allow adding surveys to workgroups by default, thanks to its integrations we do have the possibility of knowing what our colleagues think
  • There are several tools that can be integrated into Slack that help us add surveys to our productivity, Polly being the most prominent of them, but not the only one available right now

As you probably already know, Slack is one of those productivity tools for offices and projects that we can consider essential. Of course, there are really few users who take advantage of its full potential. Thinking about it, throughout this article We show you how to do a survey in Slack, and why it is important to use this element when deciding different issues with your colleagues.

The first thing you need to know is that, if you prefer, you can get a professional experience from Slack. It has various resources related to management and programming, in addition to other attractive functions. Among them, it allows us to carry out surveys on the channels, which can be extremely useful to have consensus achieved among all the people who participate in an idea or workspace.

How to make surveys with integrations in Slack?

It should be noted that Slack does not come with the option of polling through default options, but we always have the ability to add integrations, similar to applications, and which are available on the official Slack site. However, do not lose sight of you cannot install integrations on the mobile or web versions of the system.

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Installing an integration can only be done through a web browserand once you’ve added it to a workspace, will automatically be synced with all versions of Slack.

The steps to follow are very simple, and in this case we stop at Polly, although they do not usually vary too much:

  • Go to Slack.com and sign in to your workspace
  • Click Browse
  • Select Apps from the pop-up menu
  • Write Surveys and select the app that best suits you
  • Click on Add to Slack, and accept all the necessary permissions of the app
  • Click Continue to confirm that you want to add the app to that workspace

Those are the basic procedures to have a survey integration in your Slack group.

take survey slack 2

How to set up polls in Slack?

Continuing with Polly’s example, let’s now see how you can configure the surveys on this platform.

  • Within that workgroup, go to the surveys app from Applications
  • You will see a link that takes you to an application control panel
  • Click Create new, complete question and answers
  • Select the channel you would like to post your new survey to, and click Submit to upload it
  • Your team members will then have the ability to quickly respond to the survey/message
  • After a few hours or days, you can check the results of the survey from the same app

This is all for what, as you will see, it is a process quite simple, that does not demand more than minutes.

Survey Integrations

As we have already mentioned, there are different tools that we can rely on for our surveys. Assuming that one of them has not left you satisfied, you can always bet on another of the accessible ones.


Many Slack integrations offer survey options as one of their many cool features. But the difference with all of them is that Polly has been specifically designed for surveys.

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This can be seen in the enormous number of customizations that it puts in our hands, as well as because not limited to classic surveysbut has other alternatives to play a little with the polls.

Its pre-installed templates are really worth it, and it is, for most, the best survey integration.

take survey Slack 3

Doodle Bot

The great thing about using Doodle to create polls is that it’s not specific to Slack, so People who reach them from outside this office automation platform can also participate in the surveys.

All you have to do, once the survey is created, is send them a link to share your questions with them. Automatically, they will be able to respond according to their opinion. And you can also integrate it with Google and Office 365.

Simple Poll

If you are only going to do one survey in your life, and you don’t have too many pretensions, bet on Simple Poll. It probably gives you fewer configurations than the others, but in simplicity it can’t be beaten by anyone.

Y a detail that many value is that the surveys can be anonymouswhich gives greater freedom to the respondent to express his opinion, without being judged by the other participants in the poll.

The importance of conducting surveys

First of all, you should be aware that the importance of having active surveys cannot be underestimated. When these are available, you get honest feedback from your peers or inferiors, and they do it in a way that no one feels persecuted. It is a good way to break a possible tense environment, especially if you already see the discrepancies between one position and another coming. Therefore, you should never do without surveys.

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On the other hand, we believe that you should also incorporate them into your daily use to sharpen your specific knowledge. For example, related to the management of products and services provided by your firm.

Alternatively, surveys can be used to gather important information about how happy your team is with their job, their salary, their position, or the company in generalso apply them on top of them as well.

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