YouTube allows us create a ready from reproduction or several; in this way we can categorize all the content we like and access it easily. We can create a list of music channel videos, another for specific guides, songs, online courses, etc. Basically, we can create lists for everything we want.

Create a YouTube playlist on PC

To create a YouTube playlist, you don’t need to have your own channel or Creator Studio. All we have to do is log in with our account and we can start creating all the lists we want.

Create playlists.

We start by looking for the video we want to add to the list.

Search video.

Once we find the video, we will have to click on the icon of the three points that is in the upper right.

Save video to playlist.

A few options will appear. We will have to click on the one that says “Save to the playlist”.

Create a playlist.

We will save the video in one of the existing playlists or we will have the possibility to “Create a new playlist”.

So we can save a video in a YouTube playlist

If we want to create a new one, it is very simple. We add the name of it and we can configure its privacy. If we leave it in “Public” anyone who enters our profile will be able to see it. On the other hand, if we set it to “Private” no one except us will have access to the list.

Another method to create a playlist

YouTube video.

The second method is very simple, we are going to open a YouTube video.


Next, we will click on the “Save” button which is an icon with the “+” sign just below the player.

So we have created a playlist on YouTube from a PC.

And again we can add it to an existing list or create a new one.

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Make a list from mobile devices

We are looking for the video.

From our mobile device we will have to use the official YouTube application. We’ll start by looking for the video we want to add to the list.

Save video.

Next, we are going to click on the “Save” button that has a “+” sign and is located just below the player.

In this way we can create a YouTube playlist

A small window will appear where it will give us the possibility to add it to a list or create a new one.

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