• Concrete is one of the basic materials for construction in Minecraft games
  • The blocks are not available, but you must make them with certain ingredients
  • How can you produce concrete and give it the color you want to personalize your works?

One of the keys to advancing in one of the most successful open world or sandbox games in history is taking advantage of all the resources we have available. Some in their original presentation, and others combining elements that are part of these items. For example, Knowing how to make concrete in Minecraft can get you out of trouble more than once. What are the steps to follow to produce it?

This item, which was added in version 1.12 of the game, is a vibrant and sturdy building material. Add a fantastic look to any project you undertake, it can be manufactured in different colors and fortunately it is not combustible, as is the case with wool, hence the importance of avoiding using it.

Ingredients needed to make colored concrete in Minecraft

The ingredients needed to make concrete include dust, gravel, sand, and the dye of your choice.. Before you begin the crafting process, decide on the color of the material to work with on your quest.

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If you want white concrete you must have bone meal. If you want black concrete, you’ll need to have ink sacs. After that you have to gather some sand and gravel, which is much more common than the previous items. You usually have sand near the shorelines, and you can get gravel if you dig up the ground for a while.

You will also require water, and mountains are a simple method of getting hold of it. You have to fill a bucket to move it to the place where you want to make the concrete, and remember that it must be still water.

Finally, you will find your favorite shades if you mix plants and other select elements that allow you to achieve them. Here we recommend that you play a little or look for detailed information about the color that you like the most.

make concrete minecraft 2

How to make colored concrete step by step

Once you have the concrete powders and all the supplies, you can start making the colored concrete. Start by placing an artboard down, and right-click on it to be able to use it.

  • To make white cementput a bone on the workbench and get three bone meal
  • Put a bone meal on the workbench and get three white dyes
  • To make black cementput an ink sack or wilted rose on the artboard and get a black tint

With any of those dyes available, join them to four sands and four gravels to make eight blocks of black or white concrete powder. If you want it to have a specific color, you have to select a colored tint.

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Find water and combine it with the concrete powder. Concrete will immediately form in the same place where the concrete dust was previously located. To speed up the process, stack blocks of concrete dust next to the water. Break the blocks by letting the powder fall in greater quantity, so that the cement forms much faster.

And how to make concrete slab?

For now, we can’t make concrete slabs, but only concrete blocks. But you can always make slabs out of other materials like oak, fir, acacia, birch, stone or pebble to give yourself some options.

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Other frequently asked questions

How to turn concrete powder into concrete?

You need a source of water to be able to transform concrete powder into concrete, so you have to bring the two together, using a bucket of water or just dropping it to make the finished product.

What are the different types of cinder blocks?

The term Minecraft uses for cinder blocks is powdered concrete blocks, and as we said, you can choose from up to 16 different colors, from sober like lime to bright like red.

Where can you find concrete in a Minecraft match?

You cannot find concrete in your environment but you have to go to the trouble of making the concrete powder. Combining it with water, concrete will be formed in the same place where the concrete powder was previously located.

In other words, the only way to get concrete in Minecraft is through manual crafting. Once you’ve created the concrete powder with various ingredients, you can turn it into a concrete block.

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