Free Wi-Fi is available in almost all cafes, hotels, and sometimes just on the streets. But when using it, do not forget about some essential things to surf the Internet calmly and safely.

Free internet without viruses

On vacation or just outside the home, it is worth using free Wi-Fi in a cafe, hotel or other public places – this way you will not waste your mobile traffic and get a large roaming bill. However, be sure to check your Wi-Fi network for safety before reading email or posting on social media. In this article, we have summarized the most basic security measures when using free Wi-Fi.

  • To access the Internet on someone else’s network, you must have a powerful and recently updated antivirus program on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Mobile systems usually include antivirus software. A well-functioning antivirus is essential for maximum protection. Also, in the case of a PC, a reliable firewall is imperative.
  • Before entering the Wi-Fi security key, check if you are connecting to the correct network. This caution will help you avoid connecting to a “network clone”, and you will not fall prey to an insidious hacker stunt. Attackers are mostly likely to use this technique with large restaurant and hotel chains, creating another network to catch victims.
  • Remember to disconnect your connection when you are not using Wi-Fi.
  • Avoid online banking transactions and do not make purchases through the hotel’s Wi-Fi so that scammers cannot steal your data. Also, do not download anything, because, for example, during data transfer, aggressive viruses can cause significant damage to your equipment.
  • Change your passwords and keywords regularly to prevent identity theft.

How to get fast Wi-Fi in a hotel and an unfamiliar city?

In a new city or hotel, you will want to go to social networks as soon as possible, share vacation photos or check the latest news. But a lousy connection can get in the way of your plans. To avoid problems with Wi-Fi in your room, use our tips.

  • Make sure you have enough Wi-Fi power before booking your hotel. To do this, first check on the websites and booking platforms if the hotel has a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Since hotels do not always provide information on the quality and speed of Wi-Fi connections, read reviews from other guests on travel platforms such as TripAdvisor. For example, on, you can use keywords to find relevant hotel reviews.
  • Another way to find out about Wi-Fi hotspots and their power is with Wi-Fi cards. For Android and iOS, you can download a free network finder app like WiFi Map for free. Almost all Wi-Fi hotspots around the world are marked on an interactive map in it, and sometimes the passwords for them.

Download WiFi Map for Android

Download WiFi Map for iOS

But if you want maximum security, you need to take matters into your own hands. Carry a 4G mobile router with you – however, you will have to buy a SIM card for it with a favorable tariff in each new region.

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