Can you make money on affiliate programs? Those who have already tried it claim that affiliate (or referral) marketing really works and generates real income. The Internet is a limitless sea of ​​opportunities for additional income. Every day there are new video courses, online training, useful services, etc. looking for new ways to promote and sales channels. Read about the peculiarities of working with referral programs in the article “Affiliate programs: pros and cons“.

By joining such a program, you become a sales manager for Internet products and receive your commission for successful transactions. If you already have a highly visited website or blog, then you are already halfway to success. It’s time to think about how to monetize it correctly. One way is to participate in referral programs. But even if you are just thinking about creating a blog to make money, do not despair, with some programs you can start working even with low traffic.

Let’s take a closer look …

How you can make money on affiliate programs:

Step 1. Decide on the topic of the affiliate program

By typing a request in Yandex, you will receive hundreds of offers for participation in affiliate programs, links to them, descriptions, training materials and even video tutorials on how to work with them. Therefore, it is important to immediately determine the topic of the programs with which you want to work: how to make money on the Internet, time management, personal finance, women’s beauty and health, etc.

Carefully study the proposed topics, think about what you like to do in everyday life, and what your site is about – this will help you in choosing further development. Cooperate with those affiliate programs that are right for your resource. Agree that making money on the recommendations of the investment course will be very difficult if your blog is about personal relationships.

Step 2. Find out about commissions and how they are charged

When studying the terms of the program, pay special attention to the methods of calculating commissions. Choose the most acceptable way for yourself: fixed sums for attracting each new client, a percentage of the sale to each client or a percentage of the profit of an Internet project, money for registering a user on the site, etc. For more information on payment types, see the article “5 Best Affiliate Networks”

It is also important to determine the sources of income. You will receive money for new customers or sales of goods / services, for clicks on affiliate ads or for views of affiliate sites.

Where do the payments come from? These payments are pre-built into the cost of the product or as a percentage of income. The percentage of commission payments varies. On the Russian Internet, it ranges from 10% to 50% from each sale or order of services. So consider how much you can earn on affiliate programs.

Step 3. Select distribution channels for links

To ensure a constant flow of visitors (especially if you do not have your own website), you will need to independently advertise affiliate products on various Internet sites every day. This is the only way you can earn your commission on sales. Let’s consider the main channels and their features.

The very best: own website

The best way to make money on referral programs is to have your own website, which gives you unlimited opportunities for advertising online products. In order for this channel to start working, the site must not only be created but also filled and promoted. Which, of course, will require some investment at first. Read about what is required at the initial stage in the articles  “How to create your own website in under $100”.

It is also important to remember that the theme of the products and the site should be the same or close, so as not to confuse your site visitors. Therefore, you should not promote the Adobe Photoshop training course on your blog for summer residents.

Simplest: social media

This is the easiest way, which requires minimal investment, but also gives the minimum return due to high competition. There are several ways to promote referral links on social media.

The most effective is to create a thematic community (or public page) and promote it through other communities and targeted advertising. And then invite new people to the group, repost on your wall, etc. In the description of the thematic community, you can give an affiliate link to free material and periodically recommend an Internet product in the news, alternating with free useful content.

Another way – on social networks, you can always find many thematic groups and communities with decent attendance, in which you can post posts, unobtrusively offering your affiliate link.

With patience and creativity in content creation, you can achieve some success on social media.

Most resource-intensive: YouTube

Another way is to shoot videos of the promoted affiliate products and post them on YouTube. To be watched and clicked on the affiliate link, the video must be either educational or entertaining.

For example, you can show how to order a certain thing, or how to start playing a certain game, or how to play it in general, or how to make money somewhere, or where it is better to buy something, etc. At the end of the video, you can briefly present the promoted product and invite the viewer to click on the link to order. In the description of a video, it is better to immediately indicate its title, a detailed description and tags by which this video will be found by service users.

Most time consuming: advertising on other people’s sites

To start making money, you need to find high-traffic sites with at least 500 unique visitors per day, and agree to place ads on them with your affiliate link.
Moreover, there are several options for such advertising: banners, links with selling text or
unique articles, interesting and easy to read, containing your affiliate link (in the middle of the article or at the bottom in the author’s block).

For extroverts: comments on blogs and forums

This method is not very effective, but it can be useful, especially if you are interested in the site owner. Find blogs and pages in Yandex that interest you, where you can leave comments with affiliate links (remember that they should be on the topic of the article).

You can also post in various forums where many people are constantly exchanging information, looking for answers to their questions. You can chat and casually offer your affiliate product.

If you have a budget: contextual and teaser advertising

A well-designed advertising campaign is inexpensive and you have a chance to recoup your money many times over. When launching an advertising campaign on Google Adwords or YandexDirect, carefully consider the text of your ad and analyze the statistics of key queries.

Teaser ads usually appear at an early stage of product promotion and serve to create intrigue around it. When the advertised product already exists, teasers build on the human feeling of curiosity. The ad should be as intriguing as possible.

Underestimated: advertising in your mailing list

This method is mainly used in affiliate programs on the topics of business, personal growth, e-commerce, etc. Many partners are well aware of this method, but use it less than 5%, because it is very labor-intensive.

To create your own mailing list, you will need to come up with a mailing structure, design a high-quality subscription page for it, pick up interesting images and, of course, write useful text. And also choose the best postal service and collect a base of interested subscribers.

Step 4. Choose ways to promote links

For your sales to grow, it’s important not just to write a post, but to create unique content that you want to read. What interesting things can you write about? Let’s consider the basic techniques.

  • Review the Affiliate Offer 
    People love to be told on their fingers. Therefore, carefully study the advertising offer and write a post or make a video review, inserting your comments and explanations.
  • Write a Problem – Solution Post
    Take a common problem or mistake and provide some practical advice in your article for solving it with a partner product. How to create high-quality content.
  • Tell us about your result
    Share your experience. It always works, people like to compare themselves with others: “If he could / It helped him, then it will suit me.”
  • Make a special offer
    Agree with the author of the information product and make a special offer for your subscribers, for example: ONLY for VANIA VANINA subscribers from July 1 to July 3, 2015, 30% discount ”.
  • Offer discounts
    If you are promoting your information product, then find another author’s product on a similar or complementary topic, and when ordering your product, offer to get a VIP offer of two products at a special price and only today.

Step 5. Be patient

There is one general rule about how to make money on affiliate programs – it is advisable that you have your own website. If you have a visited thematic site or blog, then it’s easy to make money on affiliate programs. All you need to do is write an affiliate link in a post on the site or add a banner.

If you do not have your own promoted site, then you will have to look for other ways, look for places on the Internet where not only there would be many users, but also that they would be interested in the promoted product.


In any case, without effort, it is very difficult to make money on affiliate programs. Nevertheless, for a certain time, with the daily work with the correct product from the point of view of thematic relevance, you can achieve good results in the field of affiliate marketing, making referral links one of the sources of additional income.

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