• The interest in making live broadcasts continues to increase on the part of users, and that means that the platforms on which you can make a good sum per month with your content have multiplied
  • Although most are initially interested in services like Twitch and other more renowned ones, there are some alternatives that are well worth it for their partner programs, as is the case now with Booyah
  • Thanks to the tool you can stream and earn money, although there are some tricks to consider

Nobody escapes as streamers are positioning themselves as celebrities of great fame and recognition. Many of them have thousands or millions of followers…and make thousands or millions of dollars every month. What’s more, More and more people have things to say on their live streams, and that obviously encourages new enthusiasts. But how to make money streaming Booyah?

Of course, Probably the first thing you will ask yourself is what is it? booyahbecause surely you are more used to other platforms like Twitch or its nemesis, YouTube Gaming, to mention just two of the most popular.

Beyond this, the fact is that it is possible to stream live and earn money on Booyah, as long as you follow some detailed instructions that we are going to give you below, around the Booyah Partner / Streamer program.

That said, let’s talk about a streaming service where you can create content to gain audience, making money as more and more people gather around your channel. As usual.

The partner program, the key to earn money

As we said, to make money streaming Booyah you need to be part of a specific program. Indeed, we refer to a partner program through which as associates we can earn money conducting live broadcasts. It is what is known as Booyah Partner / Streamer Program.

Belonging to the same conglomerate of developers that owns the famous Free Fire game, it’s not just broadcasting this title, but you can broadcast any other, except Battle Royale like PUBG.

Everything you need to know to earn money streaming on Booyah

What does it take to stream on Booyah?

While anyone can go live on Booyah with the basics, there are a few recommendations the site maintainers make, such as having at least 4 GB of RAM. 8 GB is ideal. In addition, for logical reasons it is expected that the computer in question has good graphics settings. You can become much more interesting if you add a good quality microphoneto carry your voice well.

What games can be streamed on Booyah?

Players can stream games like GTA 5, Minecraft, Valorant, and others you may be familiar with here. Beyond that, it is fair to say that most users come to this service through Free Fire.

So if you like this title, you should try streaming it, because the stats indicate that most of the audience has arrived to meet some of the best exponents of Free Fire.

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Detailed instructions to earn money on Booyah!

It is time to stop at what, for many, will be the main point of this article, which is related to how we can generate money thanks to Booyah, so we are going to review some fundamental aspects.

Average concurrent viewers

Concurrent Viewers (CCV) represent the number of users watching your streams at any given time, so the average obtained indicates how many viewers have paid attention to you.

half connected viewer

Similar to the average CCV, the average connected viewer refers to the average number of people who linked their Free Fire ID to their Booyah account and who watched the entire broadcast, so focuses only on the big fans.

Live broadcast date

Broadcast date refers to the number of days the broadcaster has broadcast on Booyah, and for it to be counted as a valid live day on Booyah, the transmitter shall transmit for at least 120 minutes. You can add 120 minutes in several sessions but it is not recommended, because that will scare the viewers away.

Complete all criteria and levels

In order to participate in the Booyah Streamer Program, you have to complete some criteria and levels. You must reach at least 3 days of transmission, 2/3 of the average CCV, and add 10 hours of transmission, although eventually they could ask you for a minimum number of followers, which will be around 10 followers.

Only when you have completed this requirement, you can join the program and start with your streamings. The more time you dedicate to it, and the better you do things, the more you will level up, and the closer you will be to cashing in.

Of course, if what you want is to receive the verified user badge, you will have to have a little more patience. There really isn’t one way to get it, and you just have to do your best on your streams. When those in charge of the service consider it appropriate, they will provide you with that badge.

And you, have you already started earning money with your Booyah streaming?

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