• Voice assistants can be helpful on many occasions, but meddling too much with others
  • In particular, Apple’s Siri has the tendency to want to help us, reading aloud our new mobile notifications, something that can be unsafe or, at least, not very private.
  • Now, we have the possibility to modify its operation to be sure that these notifications will stop playing, both on your AirPods and in your car with CarPlay

Just as Google has its Assistant and Amazon has Alexa, Apple has its own voice assistant, called Siri, which many times will try to solve our lives with its actions. Of course, as they are activated by default, they can become annoying, especially when you start reading the notifications that come to the phone. So, if you are already tired of listening to them on your AirPods or CarPlay, where it plays them automatically, in this article we will show you how to make Siri stop reading iPhone notifications forever.

In fact, we could say that in this close and annoying relationship between the Apple assistant and some of the connected external environments is one of the common problems of AirPods, which so many complain about.

The same applies to CarPlay, especially in those moments when you are traveling with someone else and the last thing you want is for Siri to start going through your notifications out loud, in front of that person.

Fortunately, we have the possibility to make Siri stop reading the iPhone notifications aloud on all the devices connected to our iPhone, and we can disable the function in just seconds.

Siri notifications iPhone 2

Turn off reading Siri notifications

If you want to stop Siri from reading iPhone notifications, just follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, tap the Settings icon and open your iPhone Settings
  • Within the Settings, access the Notifications section
  • There will be a section “Announce notifications”
  • Next to it there is a switch, as seen in the image above, that you have to move to deactivate
  • Going back, you will save the changes and your notification announcements will be canceled

You have to bear in mind that, eventually, you can customize your experience in this regard, and instead of disabling the function completely, set which apps you want to override Siri notifications for.

You should scroll through them little by little, moving the switch to off when appropriate.

If you feel more comfortable with a better presence of Apple’s voice assistant in your day-to-day life, you will probably be interested to know that you can also deactivate Siri on your smartphone’s lock screen, bypassing it.

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