Roblox is not only a platform that allows us to play a huge variety of minigames. It also allows us to create different games; just how we love it Roblox we want to show you how to make your first game.

In a nutshell, here’s a beginner’s guide for those who want to create games on Roblox and share them with the world.

Make our first Roblox game

  • In order to make our first Roblox game, we will have to start Roblox Studio, which is free. For this we will have to visit the official website and click Create or we can download Roblox Studio for PC.
  • Once started, we are going to go to All Templates > Line Runner. Line Runner is a side scrolling game, very similar to Super Mario Brothers. Although obviously, it is feasible to choose another game that is more suited to what we have in mind.
  • So, we open the Line Runner template and voila, we already have the first game created, this template is ready to play as soon as we load it.
  • If we press the space bar, we will start the game and we can jump over monsters and obstacles until we reach the end.
Roblox game created.

But is this creating a game? No, but it is the beginning, what we will see is how to modify the objects and turn this simple template into something that is totally ours.

Customizing our Roblox game

We will try to make this guide as simple as possible so that we understand the basics by modifying some objects. However, it is possible to dive into the programming language, Lua, by exploring the game’s scripts from the ServerScriptService. But let’s start with something simpler.

  • First we will click on “Stop” to return to the main screen of Roblox Studio.
  • Here we will have to look for the Explorer window on the right side. It will allow us to see a hierarchy of files.
  • We will navigate to Workspace, it is the area where we will modify the game. If something isn’t in the Workspace, it won’t be in the game.
  • For example, let’s click on any area of ​​grass. We can see that a blue box appears around the grass, which indicates that it is modifiable.
  • Then we will click on the dropdown button just below Material and we will choose “Grass” and “Bright Green” color.
  • Next, we will click on a patch of dirt and change the material to “Slate” and color “Brown”.
  • In case we want to customize all the grass or land areas at once. We will have to do the same, but keeping the Ctrl (Control) key pressed and clicking on each area that we want to modify.
  • In case we want to change the day to night or vice versa, we will have to go to “Lighting”.
  • In the Properties window, we’re going to scroll all the way down and find Clock Time. We will change it to 20 hours (8 pm) which will give our world a dark look.
  • Next, we will have to add the Start section to our game and modify it so that it is the same as the rest. This will be the first thing the user sees when starting the game and will not be visible in the workspace. To find it, we will have to go to ReplicatedStorage > PatchModules > StarModule.
  • We will click on “Start” and drag Start from the StarModule folder to Workspace.
  • Inside the beginning we will find two fully editable files. The one above represents the grass and the one below represents the earth, here we will make the changes.
  • Now we will press F5 to be able to test the game.
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How to post it

We already have our game ready and the only thing left to do is to publish it so that other players can play it online, this is easy to achieve.

Information to publish the game.
  • We are going to click File > Publish to Roblox.
  • We will have to write a title and a description, try to make them attractive to attract attention.
  • By default, the game will be available for Windows and mobile devices. If we want it to be available on Xbox, we will have to check the corresponding box. Remember that Roblox is not available on any PlayStation and not on Nintendo Switch.
  • We will click on Create.

In this way the game is already created and only we can enter it when we do. If we want more people to be able to play it, we will have to click on File > Game Settings to be able to modify the permissions to Public or Private.

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