Manage or cancel a Google Stadia Pro subscription It is something extremely simple that we can do in two ways. Stadia Pro is the internet giant’s premium streaming service that allows us to play video games online at 4K resolution, with a wide variety of titles and many free, we can play from wherever we are without any problem.

Whether you are a new user using the 2 months free gift or you want to manage your account and make some changes. This guide will be useful to you.

Manage, administer, or cancel a Google Stadia Pro subscription

Administer or manage Google Stadia Pro account.

The first thing we will have to do is take our Android device and enter the Google Play Store. We will press the Menu button in the upper right corner of the screen (the icon with three horizontal bars) and in the drop-down menu we will click on “Subscriptions”.

Manage subscriptions.

Among the subscriptions, we are going to look for “Stadia Pro”. From this small section we can update our main payment method, configure a backup or cancel the subscription if we wish.

Manage account.

Another option is to do it from stadia website, we will have to log in with the Google account that we have associated. Once we log in, we will proceed to click on the icon of our avatar or profile, it is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, we will have to choose Stadia Settings.

Now we go to the left sidebar and look for “Purchases and subscriptions”. From this section, we will be able to view the history of purchases and subscriptions that we have active, we will even see the purchases that we have made previously.

If we click Cancel subscription we can cancel it. Manage allows us to modify the payment information, in case you are not currently subscribed, we can click on Restore to be able to renew our membership.

Google Stadia is priced at approximately $10 per month, in some countries it may vary; therefore, it is necessary to verify if we have this amount on the card before it is renewed. If we choose to cancel your Stadia Pro subscription, access to all Stadia Pro benefits will continue until your billing period expires.

We will still be able to continue enjoying Stadia games, although we will have to buy them to be able to do so. Should we wish to re-subscribe in the future, we will immediately regain full access to the games we previously had.

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