It is normal that we think that the only way to prevent applications from showing notifications in the status bar is to deactivate them completely. But it’s not really necessary, you can just minimize the notifications on the bar from state from AndroidIt is a way to “hide” them, but not completely.

In this case, Google’s operating system offers a wide variety of tools when it comes to configuring notifications. The problem is that many of these methods boil down to just what it would be to turn things on or off. Notifications “minimized” or hidden will not be completely disabled. But they will appear in a more subtle way.

Minimize notifications in the Android status bar

Android settings.

The first thing we will have to do is swipe down from the top of the screen of your device; Depending on the manufacturer of the mobile, we may have to do it once or twice. Next, we are going to have to press on the settings or configuration icon, the one shaped like a gear.


After this we will have to select “Notifications”. In some Android models it can be “Applications and notifications”.

Show all applications.

Now, we are going to see a small list of the applications that we have used recently. We will have to go down and select the option to expand the complete list.

We select the application.

Once we have the complete list of applications, we will have to search for the application to which we want minimize notifications.

Choose the notification channel that we want to minimize.

Next, we are going to see a list of notification “channels”. It’s basically about the types of notifications that the app uses. We are going to have to choose the channel that is associated with the type of notifications that we want to minimize.

Something that we must bear in mind is that, in some devices it is necessary to select “Notifications” so that notification channels appear.

Mute notifications.

Once we choose the channel, we will simply have to choose the option that says “Silence”.

In this way we can minimize the notifications of an application in the Android status bar.

When we press silently, we can see an option called “Minimize”, we simply press the switch to activate it.

From now on, notifications from the app I select will appear minimized. This means that little information will be seen about it, enough so that we know that we should review the app and that’s it. This is something ideal to take care of our privacy a little more. We can know when we receive a notification and review it when we are alone.

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