Silence a group chat or posts from text of the SMS application iPhone It’s a great way to get out of the way for a while. Certainly, when we are part of a group or a certain person sends us too many messages, it can be a bit annoying. Fortunately, iOS provides us with the options to end any kind of hassle, even allowing us to hide unwanted SMS.

Mute a group chat or text message on iOS

Mute group chat text messages iPhone

The first thing we will do is open the Messages application on our iPhone. We are going to look for the conversation that we want to silence among the list of messages and when we find it, we are going to press and slide it to the left.

Silent news.

Here we will be able to appreciate two options. The first, which has an icon of a bell with a line through it and is purple in color, is for muting the conversation. The second, which is like a red recycling bin, is for deleting it. So we are going to click on the first option, on the purple icon.

Group chat or muted messages.

After doing so, we will see that a crossed-out gray bell icon will appear on the right side of the conversation, this means that the notifications of this conversation will not reach us, nor will the phone vibrate or anything similar.

Now we will no longer receive any kind of notification when that person or group sends messages. If we want to receive notifications again, we will have to do the same thing again and press the bell-shaped icon again.

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It’s worth mentioning that there are other ways to mute message threads. We can press and hold a conversation and choose “Hide alerts” in the popup that appears. We can also click on the “Avatar” of this person or group at the top of the conversation and change “Hide alerts” depending on what we want.

Another option is to go directly to the message notification settings in the Settings app and mute all conversations. We also have the more drastic alternative which would be to directly leave the group chat. For this we will press on the icons of the participants at the top of the screen and then we will see the option to “Leave the conversation”.

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