Surely on one occasion or another we have received a call from an unknown number only to find ourselves with the unpleasant surprise of a sales pitch for something or even something worse. Fortunately, in our iphone we can reduce the amount of calls unwanted to allow only ours contactschanging a small setting on the device.

Allow calls only from our contacts on iPhone

Practically, we all know how we can block individual calls on iPhone. It would be adding numbers to a kind of blacklist, although we can continue to receive calls from anyone, except those who are on that list.

This can be useful on various occasions. However, what happens if we receive a large volume of calls from different unknown numbers? We are going to end up getting tired of constantly pressing the lock button.

But why would it be a problem? In 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sent a Yonreport detailing the prevalence of scam phone calls in the United States. In this report we found that 47% of phone calls to mobile devices are scams. If we add to this the trends in recent years, we can be sure that this percentage increased this year.

Of course, not all strangers who call will be scammers. On many occasions we will find sellers of different products or companies that we want to move to their services; also with people we know, but who have changed their number or call us from another phone.

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What we’re going to do here is something we recommend when we’re dealing with a fairly large number of calls from people we don’t know. If this is the case, then it is best to cut your losses and block all unknown numbers, even temporarily.

Do not disturb mode

One of the easiest ways to silence annoying notifications, phone calls or messages is Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone. What we can do is program this mode to activate and deactivate automatically, we can even activate it manually at any time.

But one of the best features it has is allowing calls from specific people. Basically, it is an exception list, which can call us when we have the mode activated, those who are not on this list will not be able to call us. We can tell the phone to allow calls from some people or from all contacts.

iPhone settings.

We begin by opening the Settings application on our iPhone

Do not disturb iOS.

We scroll down and press Do not disturb.

Allow calls from my contacts on iPhone.

Here we will have to press Allow calls from and choose All contacts.

So we can allow calls only from contacts on iPhone

If we want to filter unknown calls every day of the week, we will have to press the Always button in the Do Not Disturb menu. Otherwise, we can choose Scheduled. What is this for? To activate do not disturb mode at specific times of the day.

Once this mode is activated, all unknown incoming calls will go directly to voicemail and we will not have to see any kind of notification or message, we will not find out that we have been called.

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It is even an ideal way so that we are not interrupted while we are working or trying to focus on something really important.

Silence unknown calls in iOS 13

We can also use the mute call spam feature on iPhone, which allows us to block unknown unwanted calls and protect our privacy. When enabled, all calls from numbers not in our contacts will go directly to voicemail.

Phone settings.

We go to Settings and then we will choose Phone in the menu.

Silence unknown calls on iPhone.

Next, we’ll scroll down and toggle the switch next to Silence Unknown Callers so that it’s on.

Thanks to this function we will not have to worry about spam or unknown calls and we will continue to receive those that are really important as normal. We will continue to receive notifications, but silent, we will be able to see them when we unlock the screen, although we will not receive standard notifications that undoubtedly end up being annoying in quantity.

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