it’s possible open powershell as administrator in windows 11 as many times as we want, we can even set it to always open with elevated privileges. PowerShell would come to supplant the Command Prompt for all command line actions in the operating system. It is part of the Windows Terminal application and we can use it to solve different problems that we have in the OS.

Open PowerShell as administrator in Windows 11

Running PowerShell with administrator permissions in Windows 11 gives us the ability to run commands that bypass Windows file protection, such as those used for Windows setup files.

Open PowerShell admin

What we have to do is press “Start” or the “Windows” key on our keyboard. After this we are going to write “PowerShell” or “Terminal”; Next, we’ll choose to run as administrator in the right pane.

PowerShell as administrator

How do we know it was run as administrator? In the upper bar we will be able to see that it says “Administrator”, this means that we have indeed managed to execute PowerShell with elevated privileges.

How to run it as administrator permanently

If we want PowerShell to run with administrator privileges at all times, we will have to configure Windows Terminal (which uses PowerShell by default) and to do so we will first have to verify the version of Windows Terminal by typing the following command: Wt -v

Current version.

A small window will open where we can see the version of Terminal that we currently have available.

Run update.

We are going to have to update the version of Windows Terminal to the latest available, for this we simply copy and paste the following command: Winget install –id Microsoft.WindowsTerminal.Preview

Full update.

A text similar to what we see in the image will appear when it is updated correctly.

Windows terminal.

Next, we will right click on the start menu and choose “Windows Terminal”.

PowerShell configuration.

In the terminal window, at the top, we will click on the arrow pointing down and in the menu we will choose “Settings”.

So we can always open PowerShell as administrator.

Right in the “Settings” menu, we go to “Profiles” in the left sidebar and we are going to click on PowerShell. We will have to activate the switch “Run this profile as administrator” and we will click on “Save”.

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