every once in a while we wish password protect a zip file in windows, we can even protect several at the same time. This is ideal for when we need to send important and confidential files via email or other means. It is an extra security measure that will allow us to be calmer.

Password protect ZIP using 7-Zip

7-Zip is a free open source app that we can use in a very simple way to create and extract files in different formats, including ZIP. Thanks to this app, we can choose the files we want to add, set a password and secure the file.

Add files.

we start downloading and installndo 7-Zip on our computer. Once installed, we are going to have to open a File Explorer window and locate the file that we want to password protect in a ZIP archive. We select all the files and we are going to right click on any of them, we will choose 7-Zip > Add file.

Password protect a ZIP file in Windows

We will see a window called “Add to archive”. In the Encryption section, on the right, we are going to click on Enter password and write the password we want. We will also have to re-add it in the Re-enter password field.

After this, we will click on the Encryption Method drop down menu and choose AES-256 which is a well known encryption used by banks and the US military.

To finish, we are simply going to have to click OK for the process to complete.

Now we will have a compressed and password protected file, all these files will be compressed into one. When we open it, the first thing it will ask us for will be the password. If the one we enter is correct, we will have access to all these files.

With WinRAR

Compress files.

The free version of WinRAR is enough to compress folders and files; we can download it from this link. Next, we proceed to open a File Explorer window and browse for the files we want to add. We proceed to select them all and we will right-click on any of these, we choose Add to file.

Choose password.

A new window opens and we will have to click on Set password.

Add password.

Next, we will have to enter our password twice. When we’re done, we just click OK at the bottom.

How to password protect a ZIP file in Windows

In the File format we are going to choose ZIP so that the compressed ZIP file is created. Similarly, we can choose RAR if we are more interested in this format. When we are ready, we click OK.

Now a new compressed file will be created. If we double click we will have to enter the password, once entered correctly, we will be able to view all the files that we have compressed.

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