We visited a beautiful place, we went on vacation and we want all our friends to know where we are. Facebook allows us to make a publication with the Location and in this way we can show all our friends where we are.

We can add a label in the form of a location in any publication that we normally make. We can add restaurants, airports, cities, etc. Basically wherever we are, it will appear in our post.

Obviously we must be a little careful when publishing our location, remember that on many occasions we have hundreds of people in our social networks that we do not know. Ideally, bookmark the post so that only our friends can see it and not be in public.

How to Post with Location on Facebook

The first thing we will have to do is open the web browser on our computer or the app on the mobile device, the tutorial is functional for both. We are going to use the desktop website for the guide.

Create post.

So we open the web browser and enter Facebook to log into our account. Once on the website, we go to the top and click on the box that says What do you think? In this way we can create a new publication in our account.


The “Create Post” window opens. In this window, next to “Add publication”, we will have to click on the option “Register” (It has the form of a map marker).

Where we are.

Facebook opens a window of “Find location”. In this window we will have to click on the box that says “Where is it?” And write the name of the place where we want to register or set our location.

Specify location.

In the search results we will have to select the desired location. Once we do, we will return to the “Create Post” window. Here, at the top, we are going to see our location or place that we have labeled. Now we will be able to proceed to create a publication as we normally would.

In this way we can create a Facebook location publication

Once we have everything ready to publish, at the bottom of the window we will click on “Create Post“And then we will click on the” Publish “button.

Facebook will publish our post as usual, along with the place we have selected above. In this way we can show off to all our friends where we find these publications.

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