• Upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 represents several advances in our experience with this operating system, but some features of the first are also missing
  • There are not a few people who want to be able to prevent Windows from grouping the buttons of each content in the Taskbar but, for now, that is impossible in Windows 11
  • Fortunately, there are a couple of programs that allow you to activate this function on your computer.

For many users, myself included, one of the most annoying aids that Microsoft has developed for Windows is the grouping of Taskbar buttons. Although aesthetic, this feature is far from functional. Precisely for this reason, if you too are tired of having to fight with those buttons, In this article we show you two tricks to prevent Windows 11 from continuing to group icons on the Taskbar.

In fact, one of the things that many PC customers miss in upgrading from Windows 10 to 11 is the absence of the Never Merge option for Taskbar buttons, at least until now. While we wait for those of Redmond to give us back that solution that we enjoyed so much, there is no other alternative than to look for other ways out on our own, taking advantage of specific software for it.

Once you use these programs, you will find that its operation is exactly the same as that provided by that solution in Windows 10, and even in Windows 7, so it won’t take long to get used to it to activate it.

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How to prevent Windows 11 from grouping buttons on the Taskbar?

As we said, there are at least two tricks to prevent Windows 11 from continuing to group buttons on the taskbar. Also, keep in mind that these two programs will increase your ability to customize of this environment. So, it is recommended that you spend a little time to know all the details of these programs.

Before we mess with them, you’ll see that send the Toolbar to the left of the screenbut you don’t have to worry because you can return it to the bottom in just a second later.

With StartAllBack

StartAllBack is a powerful program that allows you to set Windows 11 taskbar icons to Never combine. Other than that, it brings Windows 10-style Start menu and other aesthetic changes that old school users will appreciate. But it has a minor problem: this is a paid program.

The interesting thing, on the other hand, is that it offers a 100-day trial periodwhich has to be more than enough to know if we like it or not. At the end of that time, we will have to buy a key or license to use it.

  • Download StartAllBack from this link which directs to its official website and runs the installation EXE
  • Once it’s installed, click the dropdown menu and look for Combine Taskbar Buttons
  • As in Windows 10, you have to then select the “Never” option

From that precise moment, even when you’re using Windows 11, your icons will stop clumping together.

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With Explorer Patcher

In case you are not satisfied with StartAllBack’s 100-day trial period and prefer a 100% free program, there is always the possibility of having ExplorerPatcher, which allows you to ungroup the icons on the Windows 11 taskbar with a single click. It’s not as generous in its configuration, but it still helps.

  • Download StartAllBack from this link which points to your repository on GitHub and installs the program
  • Once installed, it will automatically set the Taskbar to not group icons
  • From Properties you can make other modifications that you consider appropriate

On this occasion, you will have solved the problem definitively and without even having to invest a euro.

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Here are the two easiest ways to ungroup taskbar icons and set them to never merge in Windows 11. We’ve also seen attempts with Registry Editor, but the latest version of Windows 11 doesn’t support ungrouping Taskbar icons with that particular method.

From what we’ve seen, we highly recommend you go for StartAllBack, considering that optional Start menu is seamless and brings a Windows 7 feel to your Windows 11 operating system. Still, it’s all up to you and the guy from here on out. performance you want for your computer.

Have you been able to prevent Windows 11 from grouping icons on your computer with these softwares?

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