• Like other firms and the public itself, Apple is concerned about the safety of its users
  • Thinking of more secure environments, they launched two-factor authentication via hardware
  • How does Security Keys work and how can we start using it on a computer?

We have already seen, on more than one occasion, how two-factor authentication is essential in today’s world. There are different systems that allow you to take advantage of this technological development, but not a few professionals, such as Apple, ensure that the most reliable depend on hardware and not software. Indeed, Learning how to protect your Apple account with its Security Keys is key to being 100% sure that no one will access your most sensitive dataand that your personal information is safe.

Some users still don’t know it, but in a very short time it will be possible to protect your Apple account directly with these Security Keys in physical format, avoiding security vulnerabilities that we already know about in virtual environments, and that cold solutions have proliferated. or hard lately.

A new level of encryption for iCloud…

In introducing this technology, along with other security announcements, Apple talks about this new level of encryption for iCloud, and says that users will be able to use third-party hardware keys to protect themselves.

«As threats to user data become increasingly sophisticated and complex, these new features join a suite of other protections that make Apple products the most secure on the market.“, affirm those of Cupertino in the statement released to the media.

Thanks to Security Keys, the owners of the Californian device will no longer depend on the confirmation code. Instead, they can optionally take their hardware key and place it on top of their iPhone. The device should automatically unlock, and that way they will not depend on an SMS or similar.

protect account Apple Keys 2

… oriented to the most exposed

“This feature is designed for users who, often due to their public profile, face concerted threats to their online accounts, such as celebrities, journalists, and members of the government,” they explain in the press release.

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While Apple introduced two-factor authentication for your IDs in 2015, and more than 95% of active iCloud accounts use this protection today, It is essential to be dynamic, trying to anticipate the progress that cybercriminals themselves can achieve in this regard. and therefore the new Security Keys.

What specifically changes?

In practice, the introduction of Security Keys implies that no one will be able to access the iCloud account remotely, thus reducing the chances of a phishing attack, which is so fashionable.

This function is expected to be enabled on all iPhones and other devices in the coming weeksthough We are not entirely clear yet what would happen if someone loses their hardware key.

Apple should share more details about it, to adopt this technology without any fear.

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