In fact, record a call on iPhone It is not a very simple process, but it is still feasible to achieve it by following the steps that we will leave you in this article. Unfortunately, there is no native feature or app that allows us to do this directly. However, there are some ways to achieve this.

What we must take into consideration is that, in order to record a call, we have to have the permission of the other person. This is something extremely important because, depending on where we lived, we could be breaking the law. So be very careful in this regard.

Record call on iPhone

With the Voice Memos app

There are ways to record phone calls from our iPhone using another device. For example, if we have another iOS device, we can use the free Voice Memos app or any other voice memo app to be able to record the conversation using the phone’s speaker settings.

  • The first thing we will have to do is make sure that both devices are as close as possible, where we receive or make the call, we will have to have it configured as a speaker.
  • After this, we open the Voice Memos app and tap on the red record button before starting the call.
  • It’s important to make sure you tap on Speaker on iPhone so that the recording app can clearly hear the entire conversion. It would be ideal, to have the volume of the iPhone at maximum.
  • Once we finish the recording, we will proceed to press the red button again in Voice Memos.
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With the Google Voice app

In case we do not want to use an external device or do not have another available. What we can do is download the Google Voice application that will allow us to make free calls and record them, although we will have to use a Google Voice number to be able to do this. The great disadvantage of this is that we will only be able to record incoming calls, we cannot record outgoing calls.

  • we start downloading the Google Voice app from the App Store.
  • If it is the first time that we use the app, it will ask us to choose a free phone number and specify from which device we are going to make the calls.
  • We go to Settings of the Google Voice application. In calls, we will have to activate the incoming calls option.
  • Once the call starts, we are going to press number four on the keyboard to start recording. We will see a pop-up message that tells us that the recording has started.
  • To end the recording, we will have to press number four on the keyboard again, if we cut the call, it will also stop recording automatically.

When we finish the call, we will see a pop-up window where it will let us play the recording. In case we want to listen to it later, we can go to the Spread the word tab to find it.

Using Rev Call Recorder

Another option that we have available is the possibility of using a free application called Rev Call Recorder. This app becomes the third member of a call; Basically, when we use the app we share the call between us, the other person and the Rev service.

  • let’s start downloading the app Rev Call Recorder from the App Store.
  • When prompted, we’ll type in our mobile phone number and then have to verify it with the verification code sent to us via SMS.
  • After this, we will have to click on the phone call button, select or write the number and start the call.
  • When we finish the call, the recording will appear in the main menu.
  • We can click on the Share button to the left of Transcribe to share across different services.
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That would be all, this application is quite useful, although we must bear in mind that we are sharing calls with the same service.

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