Slack is best known as a way to communicate with colleagues, allowing you to share messages and ideas. Although Slack is text-based, it also offers audio and video recording.

You can record your voice, capture your screen, or use your camera using Slack. You can then share the clips to a Slack channel or direct message. If you and your team have a paid Slack plan, you can record and share up to three minutes audio or video. The feature is available in the Slack desktop app, web client, and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

If you want to know cHow to record audio and video clips in Slack, This is what you have to do.

How to record and share audio in Slack

To start recording an audio clip in Slack, click the icon of the Microphone in the message field.

As you record, you will see the duration of the recording. Click on the check mark when you finish.

Your Slack audio recording will then appear in the message field. You can press the button Reproduction to listen to it before sharing it. If you want to delete it, you can delete the clip by clicking the X in the upper right.

Click the button Send now to send it immediately, or you can schedule it for later.

Record and share videos in Slack

To start recording a video clip in Slack, click the icon of the Camera in the message field.

You can capture your screen or use your device’s camera to capture yourself. When the recording window appears, choose an app on your screen to share, or capture the entire screen instead, and then click Engrave.

To use your camera, make sure the camera appears as Activated, and then click Engrave.

If you want to change the camera or microphone you are using, click Setting in the lower left section of the window Recording.

If you want to pause the recording, click the button Pause and then press Resume when you are ready. When you’re done, click Stop.

You will then see the options to download the video, try again, or continue by clicking Next.

Your video clip will appear in the message field, where you can review it by clicking the button play, delete it by clicking on the X, or share it by pressing the button Send now. You can also schedule it for later.

Play an audio or video clip in Slack

You can play an audio or video clip in Slack simply by pressing the button. Reproduction. However, Slack brings a bit more functionality with captions and transcripts.

How to view video captions in Slack

To view closed captions while watching a video clip in Slack, click the Subtitle in the recording.

You will then see the subtitles at the bottom of the clip.

View audio and video transcripts

To view a transcript of an audio or video clip in Slack, click the See Transcript (three-line icon) in the recording.

You will see each spoken line with its time in the clip. Click on a line and you will jump directly to that part of the recording.

Additional clip actions

In addition to subtitles and transcripts, you can also do other things with your clips, such as downloading them, opening them in a new window, sharing or deleting them, or copying a link to them.

Click on More Actions (three dots) at the top right of the recording and select one of the options to continue.

Share video or audio clips in Slack

Audio and video recording capabilities are great additions to Slack. They help go through the process of asking for help by simply recording your screen and audio as you go through your question. Tell us what you think of this feature.

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