In many cases it is useful record the screen of our iPhone 13especially when we want to display something that requires multiple steps, we need to save time and multiple screenshots.

Record screen on iPhone 13

To record the screen on an iPhone 13, we will have to use a special “Screen Recording” button found in the Control Center, although it is disabled by default. Control Center is the shortcut panel that appears when you swipe down from the top right corner of the screen.

We start the guide to record the iPhone 13 screen

So what we will need to do is enable the Screen Recording button, first we will need to open the Settings app.

Control center

Once we are in Settings, we will go to the “Control Center”.

Screen recording.

Here, we will scroll down and press “Screen recording” (With the plus symbol next to it). This will move it from the “More Controls” list to the “Included Controls” list, making it available in the Control Center.

We can even arrange the order of the Control Center shortcuts by tapping and dragging the items that are in the Included Controls list. When we’re done, all we’re going to do is simply exit Settings like we normally would.

How to capture the screen

We slide down.

Once we have the record button set up, we’re going to need to open Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.

Record screen on iPhone.

Now let’s see the record button, which is a circle within a circle and is located at the bottom of the panel. If we want to make a recording without audio, we will press the record button once. Instead, if we want to capture our iPhone’s audio while we’re recording, we’ll press and hold the button.

Start recording.

If we have pressed the button only once, we can go to the next step. Instead, if we hold down, we will see a pop-up menu. It will give us the option to activate the microphone, click on the microphone icon until it appears in red and says “Microphone on” just below. Next, we will press “Start recording”.

Stop recording.

After about 3 seconds, the phone will start recording everything on the screen and the audio too, if we decide to activate it. We will see that the screen recording icon in the control center as well as the clock in the upper left corner of the screen are red, which means that it is recording.

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When we’re done, we’re just going to tap on the clock in the top left corner of the screen and then choose “Stop” from the pop-up menu.

Another way to stop the recording is from the Control Center itself. The icon needs to change from red to white.

Video saved in the photo library.

After this we will see a notification that will notify us that the video was saved in the photo library. From where we can share it, send it by email or use it with a video editing application.

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