• Recording someone’s WhatsApp calls without them knowing is possible with the perfect software
  • These platforms are ideal for parents who are insecure about their children’s relationship with strangers
  • What are the steps to follow to configure your mobile and be aware of its movements?

As parents, unfortunately many times we cannot control what our children do, even when we suspect that they are having contact with people who are negative and could cause them problems. Fortunately, technology can be a good ally in these situations, and Since knowing how to record someone’s WhatsApp calls without them knowing can be extremely important in some cases, in this article we ask ourselves if there is a way to do it and what are the necessary programs and steps.

First of all, the good news we have to give you is that there is indeed software that can help you. We talk about FamiGuard for WhatsAppa platform that has been developed so that parents and guardians can sleep peacefully, knowing who their children are in contact with on WhatsApp, even if they hide it from them.

Having clarified this, in the next few lines we will see how these types of solutions work, how to configure them and what data they can offer you, the information they provide so that nothing relevant escapes you.

Of course, before beginning it is key that you take into account that you cannot use this service to spy on others. Whenever you do, you will be at risk of committing a crime, and it is a danger that there is no point in assuming..

How does FamiGuard for WhatsApp work?

If you’re not familiar -pun intended- with these kinds of programs, there are certain things you’ll want to find out. Its operation, in general, tends to create some doubts in users who are not used to them.

Unlike what happened until a few years ago, this platform works without the need to root the phone. Many of the younger ones may not remember it but before, in Android, you had to root the device. Thanks to the design of new and improved services, that is no longer a requirement. You don’t have to be an expert.

Once you have installed the software on both devices, you will gain immediate control over the main features of the most used instant messaging application, such as chats, files, states and calls. It must also be said that items deleted by your child can be tracked and recovered. We know that not a few minors, especially adolescents, try to hide who they are associated with.

Synchronization is another of the well-kept secrets of FamiGuard for WhatsApp, and it is that Automatically enter or leave voice or video calls from the spied mobile, you will receive a notification warning of this.

Of course, view someone else’s WhatsApp call history remotely is what interests us the most. Young people tend to believe that making calls does not leave any kind of trace of their behavior, which is why it is essential to be behind these communications, beyond what is done with chats and files.

Features of FamiGuard for WhatsApp

The WhatsApp tracking tool allows for remote monitoring of activity in general as well as data collection on WhatsApp.

  • Access to WhatsApp chats: All sent and received messages can be accessed, including text, voice, smileys, photos, video previews, and GIFs, as well as documents and other file types.
  • WhatsApp call control: It is possible to know when, with whom and for how long your child has made calls on WhatsApp. Calls can be recorded and played back later.
  • WhatsApp status display: All WhatsApp statuses can be viewed, including uploaded quotes, photos and videos, even those that have been deleted.
  • Track deleted files: It is possible to track and restore deleted chats, statuses and files.
  • Viewing and tracking media files on WhatsApp: Photos exchanged in WhatsApp chats can be viewed and downloaded, including those uploaded in WhatsApp statuses.
  • Voicemail and call monitoring: All WhatsApp voice messages or notes can be reviewed. Voice calls can be monitored in real time or recorded.
  • Video tracking and video calls: Videos sent on WhatsApp can be tracked and a thumbnail will be displayed to avoid additional data charges.
  • Viewing documents (including those deleted): All types of WhatsApp files can be viewed and downloaded, such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel, text files, presentations, etc.
  • Maximum WhatsApp Monitoring: It is possible to take automatic screenshots of anything in the application and the activities carried out can be calculated.
  • Automatic screenshots: You can take screenshots of everything that happens in WhatsApp when you are using the application. These screenshots can be previewed online and downloaded.
  • Activity report: Information about the use of screen time, the frequency of use and the exact time of logging into WhatsApp will be provided. This activity report can be exported for further review.

How to configure this software?

By now, you’ve probably been excited about the prospect of improving your parental controls. Only a complete separates you setup guide to be able to follow in the footsteps of your children.

Before getting fully into the guide, you will have to have your child’s mobile available or whoever is in your charge for approximately five minutes for the synchronization of telephones, so wait for the right moment.

Configure FamiGuard for WhatsApp step by step

Register an account and choose the purchase plan

The first thing is to enter this link that leads to the product portal, register by creating an account with an accepted email and establish a password, choosing a purchase plan based on the use you are going to give it.

Install on target device and finish setup

  • With the Android mobile of the person to spy on in your hands, go to the website in question and swipe to the right
  • Download FamiGuard for WhatsApp, click OK and open the APK file in Downloads
    • We recommend deleting your browsing history so that nobody notices the intervention
  • Run the FamiGuard APK for WhatsApp and log in with the account registered in the initial step
  • Add basic information about your child and enable all the permissions for which the mobile asks you
  • Added the information, click Start monitoring once it is complete
    • The app icon will change to a regular icon so you won’t get suspicious

Operate in the web Control Panel and start monitoring

You can almost record someone’s WhatsApp calls without them knowing, but the last details are missing.

  • Back on your mobile, go back to the Settings page and click on Verify settings
  • There you can link the target device with your FamiGuard account and enter the panel
    • This control panel will allow you to control the target device easily

From then on, whenever you want to monitor WhatsApp activities, you can operate on the web panel.

Operate in the web Control Panel and start monitoring


FamiGuard for WhatsApp is a platform that allows you to monitor chats, files, statuses, and calls from the instant messaging application. Also, this platform can track and recover deleted items, which is important for parents who want to know who their children are interacting with.

FamiGuard for WhatsApp synchronization is automatic and notifies when voice or video calls are made on the spied device.

In short, technology can be a good tool that allows parents to establish better parental controls to monitor the contact their children have with people who may be negative and cause them problems.

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